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When transporting sensitive products, ensuring precise temperature control is vital. Afatek’s Kryostick is a cold chain packaging solution designed to ensure the shipment is chilled safely and quickly and that its temperature remains stable throughout transportation.

Afatek_Kryostick_LoadingKryostick ensures freezing of up to 216 thermal briquettes within 3 hours. After the cycle has completed the briquettes are guaranteed to be at optimum temperature for packaging with no further conditioning required.

The briquettes are stacked into a trolley which is then loaded into the Kryostick freezer. Uniform ventilation and preprogrammed freezing cycles ensure homogenous freezing. A colour touch screen can be used to monitor the status of the freezing cycle. Alternatively, the system can be controlled and monitored remotely. After freezing, the briquettes can be used straight away or they can be placed in a Kyrostore storage bank to maintain their temperature.

Afatek_packagingThe result is that handling and transport of briquettes is controlled and minimised, and all briquettes are guaranteed to be at the optiimum temperature for packaging with no long conditioning periods. Freezing is fast and can be validated. Further benefits include reduced factory space requirements and lower operating costs.

Kryostick and Kryostore are ideal for any products that require cold chain transportation, including pharmaceuticals and biotechnologicals, biological products, foods and beverages.

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