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Prep SFC 100 with MS

As exclusive agents, Biopharma are pleased to be able to supply preparative chromatography product solutions from Sepiatec GmbH throughout the UK & Ireland. Sepiatec GmbH is a world leading separation solutions provider with unrivalled expertise in the field. Renowned across industries from Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Chemical, the separation technologies offered allow profound process optimisations whilst vastly accelerating processing time.

With focus and expertise, the Sepiatec product range simplifies and perfects the process of compound isolation, preparative SFC and parallel SFC/HPLC. The quality and value imparted by these systems is reflected in the widespread and extensive use by industry leading research institutions and foremost pharmaceutical firms such as Novartis, Bayer, Roche and AstraZeneca amidst others.

Positioned to develop and improve your process amidst a range of applications, their key focus lie in:

Preparative Scale Separation

Sepiatec offers the most compact solution available on the market in the form of the Prep SFC products utilising SFC (Super-critical Fluid Chromatography). This valued bench top technology for analytical and preparative columns offers the shortest processing times, a greener footprint and significant processing cost reduction. High performance utilising eight parallel columns and CYCLONE technology together allow optimal chiral separation to be formulated rapidly, thus has become a highly regarded asset especially in academia as well as Chiral and contract laboratory.

Compound Isolation

A9R7D41 - leaf jarAutomated purification of compounds from natural sources:

Products from natural sources remain an inestimable pool for important compounds for R & D. Even today, with advances, compound isolation via fractionation still presents an elaborate process that is not time or cost effective; it creates a bottleneck. This is where the SepBox 2D product range comes to your aid due to its speed and accuracy that cannot be replicated by conventional chromatography methods, automation, replicable solutions with an average purity of fractions being 20 to 30 percent per run.



Chiral Separation

Chiral compound separation, being an important sector of the pharmaceutical industry, is closely scrutinised due to the different biological responses of the two possible entantiomeric forms of a racemic drug. Moreover, being valued for the development of purely optically active drugs, successful chiral separation is key and the emphasis on accuracy is something that the experts at Sepiatec have worked hard to achieve in the product development.


Sepiatec product ranges meet this industry wide need with capabilities of reproducible processes and automation, with results achievable within 24 hours to 7 days as opposed to the industry standard that can take from a fortnight to a number of months. Additionally, it offers suitability to compounds which are medium to completely polar in nature.

Using proven, synergetic technology platforms, Sepiatec products offer systems to achieve the highest sample purity and yield with over 90% recovery in comparison to conventional means, with sample collection into vials or micro-well plates and the possibility to isolate large amounts of the compound. The vials are also compatible with Genevac solvent evaporators developing a collaborative high-throughput process for sophisticated fractionation processes involving high speed and high capacity evaporation.

Screening Applications

Rapid Screening Method Development

Catering to biologically active substances, Sepiatec Sepmatix 8x Screening HPLC and SFC systems offer capabilities to retain the structure of DNA, proteins and peptides, thus keeping their biological activity intact during separation.

Chiral Column Screening

Due to the nature of chirality separation, these compounds have a profound prerequisite, namely the need to meticulously formulate and rapidly determine the conditions required. The Sepmatix 8x Screening technology allows the user to achieve this.

The feature rich and high performance of the Sepmatix range provides advantages of significant sample throughput, multiple separation columns and complete flow control amongst others, providing a highly effective and pronounced screening process. With continuous development, technical expertise and worldwide support Sepiatec ensures every user and project need is met with excellence.

Sepiatec Products Range:


Preparative SFC – Click for Prep SFC Products

Prep SFC 100:



Prep SFC 100 with MS:


Prep SFC 100 with MS


Prep SFC 360:


Prep_SFC_360_Detail_1_gro__TubesPrep SFC 360 Main 1


Compound Isolation – Click for SepBox Products


Sepbox 250:


sepbox_250_bild_a_gross - Main 1sepbox_250_bild_b_gross - Blue Tray 1sepbox_250_bild_c_gross - Top of knobs


Sepbox 2000:


sepbox_2000_bild_b_gross - Filling vialssepbox_2000_bild_a_gross - Main 1sepbox_2000_bild_c_gross - Innards


Sepbox 5000:


Sepbox_5000_Front_gross - Main 1sepbox_5000_bild_b_gross - Piston shaped bits insidesepbox_5000_bild_a_gross_neu - Side on



Screening Applications – Click for Sepmatix Products


Sepmatix 8x Screening SFC:


sepmatix_sfc_bild_a_gross - Main 1


Sepmatix 8x Screening HPLC:


sepmatix_hplc_bild_a_gross - Main 1


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