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These three-day courses provide an in-depth practical experience of lyophilization cycle development. Classroom training with experienced scientists is combined with hands-on time in our own freeze drying laboratory, using the same equipment and techniques we use in our consultancy and research work.

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Biopharma House, Winchester, UK 6-8th February 2018 brochure_download_btl
Biopharma House, Winchester, UK 4-6th September 2018 brochure_download_btl


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Course Benefits

This unique course combines teaching with laboratory practice. Delegates will gain both theoretical and practical understanding of the principles of product and process development for freeze drying.


  • Different techniques  of formulation analysis
  • How to develop and optimize a freeze drying cycle
  • How to program a freeze dryer
  • How to integrate Process Analytical Technology (PAT)into development
  • What can go wrong and how to troubleshoot
  • How to tell if your cycle was successful – post-process characterization
  • Based on Biopharma’s experience with over 1,000 different product


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for personnel in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, diagnostics and food industries, who are involved in freeze drying formulation and cycle development and scale-up, including Formulation Scientists, Process Technicians, Microbiologists, Chemists and Pharmacists.


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