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Freeze Drying Equipment & After Sales Support
Benchtop, Laboratory & Production Scale
Vial Handling Solutions & Aseptic Proccessing Lines
Volumetric Powder Fillers (UK & Europe)
High Pressure Homogenisers
Solvent Evaporators / Concentrators
Preparative Chromatography Solutions

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Independent Consultancy Services on:
Product & Cycle Development
Process Reviews & Analysis
R&D Projects and Consultancy
Analytical Instruments (FDM, DTA & Electrical Impedance)
Training Courses (Scheduled & Customised)

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Nos lyophilisateurs de laboratoire et de production
Nos évaporateurs et concentrateurs
Nos systèmes de chromatographie préparative
Notre service après-vente
Nos formations
Nos prestations de lyophilisation
(analyses, développements de cycles, scale-up)
Équipement de traitement

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Clean Air Equipment Specialists
Microbiological Safety Cabinets
Customised Safety Cabinets
Laminar Airflow Product Protection Work Benches
Fume Cupboards (Including Ducted)
Air Showers

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