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Whether you are looking for capital equipment from freeze dryers, aseptic fill & finishing processing lines biological safety cabinets and more processing related technologies to R&D freeze drying process consultancy and analytical lab services, with regional divisions in the UK, France, Ireland & USA, we can help.

Biopharma Equipment

This division is dedicated to the supply of freeze drying & bioprocessing capital equipment to the pharmaceutical, biotech & process industries across the UK & Ireland.

The range covers the following product lines, for which Biopharma Group is the exclusive distributor for the UK & Irish territories – Freeze Dryers from SP Scientific, Centrifugal Solvent Evaporators from Genevac, Aseptic Processing Lines including fill-finish from SP i-Dositecno, Volumetric Powder Fillers from Kinematics & Controls Corp, High Pressure Homogenisers from Avestin, Preparative Chromatography & Separations Solutions from Sepiatec GmbH, Analytical Lyo Instruments that have been designed and development by Biopharma Group instrumentation specialists.

Biopharma Group also has a specialist in-house Technical Service & Maintenance team of engineers with many years of in-depth knowledge of the equipment supplied. This enables us to support the working life of not only the freeze dryer equipment ranges, but also the high pressure homogenisers, volumetric powder fillers and vial handling equipment we offer.

Cryopreservation Storage Products is home to Biopharma Groups dedicated team of experts, specialising in Cryogenic storage equipment. Partnering with IC Biomedical to bring you the Taylor Wharton (formerly Worthington Industries) and International Cryogenics range of Cryogenic Storage products. With our wide range of storage vessels, covering the smallest sample volume, all the way up to 94,000 samples, we can guarantee unrivalled product quality and reliability. Keeping your samples in the safest possible environment and at the lowest possible temperatures.

Biopharma Group have over 30 years of expertise in critical temperature, for storage of pharmaceutical and Life Science products. Our team of specialists understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of a samples and will ensure you receive the best possible advice and the perfect Cryostorage solution!’

Lyo Lab & CRO Services

Biopharma Group has its own in-house lab & scientists based in Winchester, UK dedicated to lyo/ freeze drying analysis and CRO services for the freeze drying stages of diagnostic & vaccine production. The analytical lab services cover pre- and post- lyophilisation testing, as well as process analytical technology (PAT) incorporated within our freeze-dryers for real-time data generation whether this be for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, IVDs, food production through to specialist papers & organic materials. The range of services include pre-formulation studies & formulation development, lyo cycle development, process reviews, product characterization, sample production including IVDs & vaccines through to scale-up & optimization and specialist post-process analysis such as Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) and lyo-cake quantification/ robustness testing using the MicroPress.

R&D Consultancy & Lyo Training

In addition to the analytical lyo lab services, Biopharma Group also offers R&D Consultancy services. These include collaborative development work on specific projects such as evaluating new advances, co-developing new products including those for wound management, regenerative medicine, crop protection for example by employing our freeze drying expertise to the process. We also have a Class 7 cytotoxic handling suite available, allowing us to assist in cytotoxic developments.

For those who have their own freeze drying facilities, making sure that staff are up to date with the most current techniques and industry developments is key to ongoing success, so Biopharma Group offers expert led freeze drying training courses, in the form of scheduled training courses across the UK, Europe and North America, customised on-site training catered to your specific requirements, live webinars, customised webinars and, soon, pre-recorded ‘on demand’ webinar series.

France Division (BTF)

As the French division of Biopharma Group, Biopharma Technologies France (BTF) is the exclusive distributor of SP Scientific freeze dryers, SP iDositecno aseptic processing line & fill-finish equipment, Genevac solvent evaporators, HPLC and SFC chromatography separation solutions from Sepiatech GmbH and volumetric powder filling machines by Kinematics & Controls Corp., as well as analytical lyo instruments developed and designed by Biopharma Group instrumentation specialists and technical service & maintenance support for SP freeze dryers and Genevac solvent evaporators.

BTF is uniquely placed to also offer analytical lyo lab services having full access to the R&D lyo lab in the UK, to help and support you in solving the most complex problems associated with the freeze-drying process; pre & post process, from the characterization of critical temperatures of products, formulation and cycle development, recipe optimization, moisture analysis, scale-up to diagnosis of anomalies. BTF is committed to sharing its expertise in order to make your R&D or production project a success.

Additionally, we offer lyophilisation training courses, including a 2-day training course on the theme ‘Learning to develop a freeze-drying cycle’ held in France along with customised online or on-site courses tailored to your requirements and live webinars.

Clean Airflow Equipment

Faster Air is Biopharma Group’s dedicated clean airflow technology division which provides a range of equipment from Faster S.r.l including: microbiological safety cabinets, laminar flow work benches, fume cupboards, air showers, down flow booths and more! From standard specification stock cabinets available on short lead times, to customised manufactured to order products to suit complicated applications. We offer a flexible approach resulting in our customers purchasing the most appropriate product for their application, however straightforward or complicated that might be. Our specialists have proven ability to deliver high performance and cost-effective solutions for specialist ultra-clean facilities. We are experts in containment engineering, catering to primary & secondary pharma manufacture and biotechnology research, as well as fully compliant GMP sterile drug dispensing and radioactive drug preparation centres.

USA Division (BTLLC)

Biopharma Technology LLC (BTLLC) is a dedicated division offering services our US customer base. In utilizing our consultancy and training expertise, BTLLC provides impartial contract research, analysis, process, product and cycle development services, training courses and analytical instrumentation for pre & post lyophilisation process analysis to the biopharmaceutical and related regulated process industries. BTLLC’s access to analytical lab in Allentown, Pennsylvania as well as Biopharma Group’s R&D analysis lab in the UK, allows access to decades of experience in the application of all aspects of freeze drying technology that has been successfully applied in the processing of in excess of 3000 substances on behalf of clients.

Our Sister Divisions

Sister divisions to Biopharma Group include Crowthorne Group, BPS Crowthorne, EIT International and Absolute Carbon Filters.

Crowthorne Group is the largest cleanroom/ clean air servicing & validation services provider in the UK & Europe, but services are available internationally too. Crowthorne Group specialises in the independent commissioning, servicing, validation, documentation and repair of a wide range of clean room/ containment facilities and equipment for, and including, R&D labs, operating theatres, fume cupboards and LEV systems, microbiological sampling (active), environmental monitoring, microbiological safety cabinets, clean air cabinets and following recent acquisitions, airflow spare parts for Labcaire and Microflow products, in addition to fumigation services including their emergency fumigation scheme Biosafe.

BPS Crowthorne is a unique ‘one-stop-shop’ solution  that brings together the specialisms and expertise from both Biopharma Group & Crowthorne Group for Irish customers that have interchangeable needs such as pharma & biotech labs, universities, environmental service organisations etc. This is an offering that combines the delivery of services ranging from independent R&D/ lyo-lab consultancy services to analytical instruments, freeze drying training courses, validation of your containment and cleanroom facilities to a comprehensive range of freeze drying and process equipment.

EIT International, with regional offices in UK, Ireland, France & North America, is an industry leader in the development and supply of environmentally friendly preventative controls & detection systems for the liquid food processing, nutraceutical, pharma-medical and petrochemical industries. We achieve success by working closely with our customers on reducing down-time for preventative maintenance programmes for our global client base and helping to eliminate expensive market recall through proven technical expertise.

Products/ Services include: Bactiscan biofilm & bacteria scanners, Magnerscan surface integrity & crack detection scanners, Gappscan heat exchanger integrity quantification kits, and Pasflo pasteurisation residence & flow validation systems.

Absolute Carbon Filters Ltd. (ACF) manufactures & supplies carbon filters in the UK, supporting all major fume cupboard brands and filter combinations. Whatever the application, we have the solution, and are proud to offer reliable products at competitive prices, delivered in a timely manner. We can support filter replacement and testing for all major brands including: Microflow, Faster Air, Labcaire, and many more. Whether you require a simple replacement carbon filter, customisation, full fitting or re-testing, Absolute Carbon Filters can provide the service to suit your requirements; even if you are unsure which filter you need, our experts are available to help. Focused on reliability, we provide a Certificate of Conformity with every filter, offering you peace of mind. Our manufacturing facility in Hampshire, allows us the capability to deliver short lead times on standard filters, whilst also offering customised filters for more bespoke projects & set-ups.

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