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New Partnership Announcement
Download our Equipment Portfolio Overview

Mastering Oligonucleotide Prep: Why Genevac Solvent Evaporation is Your Secret Weapon

Oligonucleotides are revolutionising research and therapeutics, and their success hinges on meticulous sample preparation, whereby solvent evaporation can significantly impact downstream applications. Biopharma Group, Genevac’s approved distribution partner for solvent evaporators, empowers you to unlock the full potential of your oligonucleotides with expert insights and the ideal technology.

The Delicate Dance of Evaporation:

Efficient solvent removal concentrates oligonucleotides yet employing harsh techniques risk cross contamination and sample loss. Balancing speed, vacuum draw and temperature is paramount.

Genevac: Your Partner in Precision Evaporation for Oligos

Why? Solvent evaporators by Genevac are designed to offer unparalleled versatility whilst catering to the delicate nature of oligonucleotides.

  • Controlled Concentration without Compromise: Unlike other methods prone to bumping and sample loss, Genevac's centrifugal evaporation with precise temperature control ensures gentle and efficient concentration. The innovative Dri-Pure technology actively prevents bumping during evaporation, eliminating sample loss and contamination as documented by GlaxoWelcome.
  • Optimized for All Oligonucleotides: By understanding the diverse nature of oligonucleotides, Genevac systems provide more precise control over pressure, temperature, and rotation speed allows for optimised protocols for various lengths, variations, and starting concentrations.
  • Preserving Oligonucleotide Integrity: For oligonucleotides, maintaining an RNase-free environment can be crucial. Selecting the optional inert gas blanket further safeguards integrity.

The Genevac Advantage:

Genevac, in collaboration with Biopharma Group across the UK and Ireland, offers a comprehensive solution for your oligonucleotide needs.

  • Expert Application Support: A team of specialists can collaborate with you to develop optimised protocols specifically for your oligonucleotide samples. A life-time service included with every new system.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Genevac's intuitive interface and user-friendly design simplify the evaporation process, saving you valuable time and minimising errors.
  • Unparalleled Reliability: Genevac evaporators are renowned for their robust construction and exceptional reliability, ensuring consistent results experiment after experiment.

The Perfect Match: Genevac EZ-2 for Oligonucleotides

For oligonucleotide research, the Genevac EZ-2 4.0 solvent evaporator emerges as the ideal choice. Its innovative features cater specifically to the needs of these molecules:

  • Sample Protection Technology: This technology utilises an infrared sensor to monitor and control sample temperature in real-time, preventing overheating and safeguarding the integrity of your precious oligonucleotides, whilst providing automatic stop of run detection when your samples are dry, or the concentration end point is reached. Say “hello” to peace of mind for over-night runs and increased throughput!
  • Genevac Cold Trap: This innovative cold trap efficiently captures a wide range of solvents, volatile organics, water, and high boiling point solvents without the need for long defrost times, minimizing solvent carryover and improving turnaround times.
  • Compact Design, High Performance: The EZ-2's small footprint maximizes valuable bench space while delivering exceptional performance, perfect for busy research labs working with numerous oligonucleotide samples.

Unlocking the Power of Oligonucleotides:

With Biopharma Group and Genevac, unlock the full potential of your oligonucleotide research. Our combined expertise and cutting-edge technology empower you to achieve optimal sample preparation, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries.

Contact Biopharma Group* today for a personalised consultation and discover how Genevac can elevate your oligonucleotide research to new heights.

*UK & Ireland