About Us

About Us

Our Mission

To augment our customer in-house experience and work together to make each project a success.

Biopharma Group encompasses several divisions catering to specific territories and needs. Our aim is to meet the needs of our customers'​ projects appropriate to the size and stage by augmenting their in-house expertise whether to buy equipment, a single cycle run/ analysis or a full formulation development programme.

Equipment Sales & Technical Service: As a leading supplier of equipment to pharmaceutical, biotech, and process industries in the UK, Ireland, and France, we bring years of expertise in the processing industries. Our specialized range includes pharma & food production freeze dryers, centrifugal solvent evaporators, microbiological safety cabinets, aseptic processing lines and fill-finish solutions, cryopreservation storage solutions, and analytical instruments.

Contract R&D & Manufacturing Services: In 1997 our CDMO division was formed to provide unbiased contract research, analysis & development services, lyo training and analytical instrumentation internationally. We offer uniquely comprehensive services & training courses (scheduled or customized) covering all aspects of freeze drying technology from pre-formulation through to production & dried product analysis and remains at the forefront of analytical instrumentation development, having launched the Lyostat5, Lyotherm3 and MicroPress.

Biopharma Technologies France (BTF): BTF offers a combined proposition of equipment sales and expertise from our CDMO division. This end-to-end option is ideal for our French-speaking clients.

Quality at Biopharma Group

Biopharma Group is committed to providing a world-class service to our customers. We seek to ensure all our practices are controlled, safe and reliable for staff, customers and the products we handle. Therefore we have adopted a Quality Management System which ensures our laboratory, documentation and health and safety practices are of the highest standard. The UKAS Management Systems ensures compliance with ISO 9001:2015



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