The ‘End of Year’ Promotion Starts Now

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AdVantage - Standard Lab Version

AdVantage – Standard Lab Version

Virtis Advantage - Cleanroom Version

Virtis AdVantage – Cleanroom Version


**End of Year Discounts Available**


Until 24th December 2015, there is an opportunity to take advantage of package offers on VirTis freeze drying products.




Biopharma currently has a selection of package deals available on various benchtop VirTis products whether you wish to process nanolitres of sample, up to several litres!

Packages include all cables, connections and accessories for operation as well as delivery, and training in operation.

Contact Richard Lewis, Quoting Promo Code: EOYP241215 at Biopharma on +44 (0)1962 841092 or to discuss the best suited specification to meet your application requirements, at an attractive package offer price!


Applicable to the following benchtop systems:

BTPro Range

AdVantage Series

AdVantage with accessories 11.15 v2


Why choose VirTis?

Approaching 60 years freeze drying manufacturing experience, with tried and tested build designs developed to maximise drying capacity/efficiency, the VirTis range is well established, respected, and used within a number of application areas, such as:

  • Drug discovery
  • Diagnostic reagent testing
  • PCR work
  • Collagen Scaffolds
  • Protein/Peptide based formulations
  • Fermentation work – drying bacterial strains, such as: E. coli/Bacillus subtilis


PCR Tubes

Medicine Capsule - Closeup

At Biopharma, we understand our customer freeze drying requirements vary so we have developed and are able to offer multiple options to suit different applications including:

 * Variable number of shelves

* Refrigeration capacity – including an organic solvent/acid compatible unit

* Stoppering capability

* Cleanroom configuration

* 316L stainless steel chamber and shelf construction, in accordance with cGMP

* Material/documentation traceability packages available

* Base control systems may allow for multiple freezing and drying steps –capability to control the freezing rate in-situ of the machine

* UK based post sales support: Service Department to maintain systems, and also carry out qualifications like SAT, if required

* UK based product support: Analytical Freeze Drying Laboratory available via Biopharma’s laboratory in Winchester, UK.


Click Here Quoting Promo Code: EOYP241215 to Contact Richard Now!



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