Need Great Sublimation Results? Cuddon Freeze Dryers Are The Versatile Answer.

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Need Great Sublimation Results? Cuddon Freeze Dryers Are The Versatile Answer.

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Freeze drying is a preservation technique which has long been preferred by the pharmaceutical industry. However, it is not reserved to one particular market i.e. pharma, it can be used for a wide variety of applications including the food and drink industry through to flowers and even documents.


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The object is first frozen, either externally using Liquid Nitrogen, a -80’C freezer, Dry Ice, or in-situ of the dryer in a controlled manner to ensure it maintains its shape and structure. The chamber is then evacuated, and when it reaches pre-set conditions e.g. pressure/shelf temperature etc., the ice begins to turn in to vapour; a process known as sublimation. At this point, solvent will be removed from the sample to a level where the product shows significantly increased stability, whilst not impacting on its biological integrity and structure.

It is our experience that, in order to achieve successful freeze drying, we must understand critical characteristics, specific to that particular material. For example, a cycle developed for use in medical diagnostic testing, may not necessarily produce an acceptable end product if replicated for use with blueberries. Therefore, it is imperative the correct sample recipe and lyophiliser are chosen to carry out and meet user defined processing requirements.

FD801Cuddon Freeze Dry are a world respected freeze drying specialist manufacturer, with over 50 years production experience. During this time, Cuddon have accrued a high level of practical experience, developing an array of different models and configurations to satisfy a broad range of industrial purposes.

Working with Cuddon products, allows you to shape a final product of superior quality, in a commercially viable machine. The capacity of the units, vacuum control, and variable shelf temperature options can be determined according to user needs.

The dryers themselves have been intricately designed for use in, but not limited to, the following product areas:

• Food Processing  such as dairy, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish etc.
• Archaeological artefacts
• Taxidermy
• Disaster recovery i.e. preservation of water damaged documents

Thanks to their great versatility, Cuddon freeze dryers are used worldwide. They are equipped with differing ice condenser capacities, which range from 5.5kgs, up to 1500kg and deposition rates are based on 24 hours. The OMRON PLC touch screen allows you to program and save recipes, record/analyse data, and operate/remotely monitor the lyophilisation cycle.

Due to the presence of a serpentine pattern internal condenser coil, Cuddon equipment is capable of withstanding faster and more aggressive cycle times which are 24 hours as a rule of thumb. For example, a system with an 80kg condenser volume should trap out 80 litres of moisture, whereas a 1000kg condenser should trap out 1000 litres. It is important to note however, that the cycle time will depend on the quantity and type of product to be lyophilised.

In terms of build quality and compliance, all Cuddon equipment is subjected to rigorous testing and quality control at the factory, to comply with current CE operational standards and criteria.

The versatility of Cuddon freeze dryers makes them very popular within the food industry, and the most delicate foods or ones possessing higher brix values/sugar content may demand processing at lower temperatures within the Low Temperature model, to minimise the risk of altering their structure, appearance, or taste.

Once complete, the freeze dried material do not generally require refrigeration, but can be stored at room temperature without the addition of chemical preservatives; an advantage many are keen to embrace.

Scrolls (Small)In terms of reconstitution, this is normally quick and easy through the addition of water (rehydration). The most common food products are freeze-dried coffee, dairy products, fruits/fruit juices, vegetables, meat, and seafood, such as fish. Beyond the food and beverage industry though, it is important to note that the Cuddon Freeze dryer products are also suitable for disaster recovery, for example in the restoration of documents or valuable items that have been water damaged, books, manuscripts, parchments, legal or historical archives, certificates, photos, and antique tapestries. In fact, Cuddon have designed a document freeze dryer dedicated to the restoration of objects damaged by water.

Biopharma are the exclusive distributor for Cuddon in the UK, Ireland and France, so please get in contact if you wish find out more about how the product portfolio can assist you. We will be happy to work with you to provide a quality Cuddon based sublimation solution to best suit your valued project. Contact Richard Lewis today on +44 (0)1962 841092 or via