Product Focus: Which benchtop high pressure homogeniser is right for you?

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With applications including cellular lysis, emulsification, particle size reduction, liposome formation and more, the Avestin range of high pressure homogenisers offers consistent, reliable processing at high pressures adjustable to 45,000psi.

The process itself involves subjecting a fluid sample to the high pressures via forced passage through a narrow orifice. As the sample exits the orifice, forces such as high shear rupture the cell/particle, with preservation of desired product integrity. It is the ease-of-use design, along with Avestin’s unique dynamic homogenising valve, that has made the range increasingly popular across R&D and production environments.

The unique Emulsiflex design ensures there are no “O”-rings or gaskets in the entire path of the product. This means less risk of contamination, easier cleaning and no leakage.

Key characteristics of the available Avestin benchtop models that have made them the preferred choice in both industrial and academic research environments, are described, below:


The Avestin B15

The B15 model,b15 commonly described as “the improved model of the French press design”, is ideal for small and/or high-value samples.

Its pneumatically-powered design means that no electrical power is required for functionality. Furthermore, the unique pump design ensures silent operation.

With adjustable pressures of up to 45,000psi, the B15 is capable of processing even the toughest samples, in a robust and reliable manner.

Sample capacity: 3 mL – 15 mL batch


The Avestin C5

Being pneumatically-powered, this system provides a processing rate of 1-5L/hr, dependent onc5 the induced homogenising pressure.

With adjustable pressures of up to 30,000psi, the C5 can provide stringent sample temperature control, to ensure that the integrity of temperature-sensitive products is preserved.

Sample temperature control mechanisms may be installed at the instrument inlet or outlet.

Additionally, the entire system may be immersed in a water/ice bath, since there are no electrical connections, and it is also suitable for cold room use.

With a desirable minimum sample volume of 7mL, and a holdback volume of <1mL, the C5 provides a great degree of flexibility in user sample size for processing.


The Avestin C3

With a consc3istent flow rate of 3L/hr, the C3 has an electrically-driven high pressure pump, with minimal need for compressed air/gas.

Homogenising pressures can be adjusted to 30,000psi.

The C3 is similar to the C5 in that sample temperature control mechanisms can be installed at the inlet or outlet, and cold room suitability, to ensure high yield of viable product.

The C3 has a minimum sample volume of only 10mL, and a holdback volume of <1 mL, which also provide a high level of sample size adaptability.


All Avestin systems are GMP suitable to allow for use within strict regulatory environments across numerous industries, and the scalability of the range in their consistent designs facilitates reliable results when scaling up.

For more information on the Avestin benchtop range, or for any information on the pilot/production scale machinery, visit: or contact Ashley Morgan on | +44 (0)1962 841092