For Sale – Ex-Demo Avestin EmulsiFlex-C3

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Refurbished ex-demo Avestin EmulsiFlex-C3 High Pressure Homogeniser


(incl. 3 month warranty and delivery within the UK & Ireland)


This system has been fully refurbished to current manufacturing standards, and is supplied fully tested, with new fitted parts, 3 month warranty and shipment within the UK & Ireland included.


Product features inc3clude:

  • An electrically-driven high pressure pump specifically designed for quiet operation
  • Pneumatically controlled, dynamic homogenizing valve, with virtually no air consumption
  • Upgraded high durability ceramic impact parts incorporated for extended parts life and smoother processing
  • Non ‘O’-rings or gaskets in the entire path of the product
  • Constant flow-through capacity of 3L/hr, independent of the induced homogenizing pressure
  • Minimum sample volume: 10mL
  • Adjustable homogenizing pressures between 500 and 30,000psi
  • Inlet and outlet temperatures controlled with the installation of available heat exchangers
  • All materials within the wetted parts path will withstand prolonged exposure to high pressure steam for the purposes of sterilisation (SIP)

This system is also: 

  • Suitable for cold room sitting (min.temperature = 4°C)
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) suitable

**Please note: Only one system is for sale and is offered subject to availability**

For more information, please contact: or +44 (0)1962 841092

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