Webinar Technote from SP Scientific: Freeze Drying of Vaccines – Challenges and Concepts in Formulation and Process Development.

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Recently, Ms. Julia Kosan, a PhD candidate from Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany presented a webinar that discussed the suitability of freeze-drying vaccines to increase their thermostability.

Vaccination prevents millions of deaths from infectious diseases per year; however, there are still millions of people who die from these diseases due to weak thermostability demanding cold chains, long-term stability issues and distribution challenges.  All these limitations can be overcome by creating a dry product through lyophilization. With the urgency to develop a coronavirus vaccine, it is a crucial time to discuss the process of freeze-drying vaccines.

This tech note summarizes the webinar and includes a selection of questions from the Q&A session.

A tech note on this webinar is now available for download below: