COVID-19 – The Catalyst of Increased Reliance & Confidence in Freeze Drying/Lyo for Diagnostics Production

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In 2020, the focus of the scientific world, from R&D to full scale manufacture, shifted toward the discovery and implementation of solutions to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. In an unparalleled move for scientific communities, a breakthrough to combat the rapid spread of COVID, became the unifying goal.

Biopharma Group also rose to the challenge, transforming ourselves from a company offering R&D support through the identification of freeze drying formulations, to one at the forefront of the UK and global R&D on diagnostic test kits and manufacture, whilst retaining our position as a leading supplier of freeze drying/lyo CapEx equipment from R&D to full scale GMP production.

COVID has placed a greater emphasis on the process of freeze drying, and the trend for the AdVantage Pro series as the most sought-after model of fully controllable and scalable R&D freeze dryer continues undiminished in the marketplace.  

AdVantage Freeze Dryer from Biopharma GroupWhy?:

  • A user-friendly design to help mimic conditions experienced at the larger scale
  • High level of process and operator flexibility for scale-up or scale-down; for example:
    • Whether a range of containers, or range of solvents may be desired for use, the AdVantage Pro has a number of configurations available to potentially meet those specific needs
  • Small footprint and standard electrical demand i.e. 13A power:
    • Offering an effective solution for those environments where space is seen as decisive factor
  • Biopharma Group’s in-house, product trained service and maintenance support – this is not always available with competitor R&D units
  • Biopharma Group’s in-house lyo scientists and practitioners offering product/formulation support
  • The AdVantage Pro provides a level of shelf temperature control and vacuum accuracy that aligns with larger dryers we have in our analytical lyo lab
  • Work carried out at a CRO like Biopharma Group can be replicated on the customer AdVantage Pro R&D machine itself.

Popular Application Areas:

  • PCR based diagnostic test kits – such as the COVID-19 version
  • Drug discovery
  • Wound care/collagen scaffolds
    • The ability to fully control freezing/annealing is of pivotal importance
    • Stringent temperature and vacuum control allow for accurate porosity/ice crystal structure generation
    • Both of which make the AdVantage a very popular choice for this application area
  • Protein/peptide-based formulation
  • Biological material
  • Fermentation work: drying bacterial strains in an efficient manner

In conclusion, the last eighteen months has seen industry undertake a process of dynamic evolution and innovation, to drive the world forward at pace – transforming the way things have been done previously, to safeguard the future. One of the most positive changes to come from adjustment to new working practices and priorities, has been the increased confidence that has been demonstrated in freeze drying/lyo technology. Freeze dried test and diagnostic kits are now a reliable part of everyday life, and with further developments in progress, especially incorporating lyobead technology for faster delivery and product adaptability, freeze drying is at the forefront of research and production alike, ensuring safe, reliable and robust product now, and for the future.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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