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Tech Note from SP Scientific: Drug Discovery Workflow for PROTAC with a Focus on Eliminating Bottlenecks in Evaporation

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An emerging modality of therapeutics called PROteolysis TArgeting Chimeras (PROTACs) could enable the design of new drugs targeting “undruggable” proteins, this development has led to great interest in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. However, synthesis of PROTACs requires numerou...Read more

How Controlled Ice Nucleation Can Improve Product Quality & Reduce Cycle Run Time

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] White Paper from SP Scientific: Adoption of Controlled Ice Nucelation Technology, ControLyo Take a look at this new white paper from Ian Whitehall at SP Scientific which discussed how employing controlled nucleation technology (ControLyo) can offer the benefi...Read more

High Pressure Homogenisation for the Cell Disruption of Algae

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Source: CHEMISTRYWORLD Extraction of biofuels and bio-products from algae is on the rise. Recent years has seen a substantial increase in demand for food, energy and valuable chemicals, which has led to the rise of R&D on renewable, novel and sustainable resources [1]. The ability o...Read more

The End of an Era – Changes Are Afoot At Biopharma

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  It is with regret that we find ourselves announcing that, after 17 years of stellar service at the heart of Biopharma Group helping build the company to where it is today, Peter Williams has chosen to retire for personal reasons. Peter shall be stepping down from his role as Group Sal...Read more

Collagen Scaffold Production: The Freeze Drying Method

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As featured in International Labmate July 2018: Volume 43 Issue 5 - Pages 20 & 21 Collagen bio-scaffolds are hugely beneficial to many medical fields and therefore it is essential that the process used to develop them is as robust and viable as possible. Here, we seek to outline the main...Read more

Insights in Lyophilisation Roadshow Coming to Ireland: Book your Place Today!

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SP Scientific are bringing their roadshow: 'Insights in Lyophilisation' to Ireland (Dublin). Join us on September 7th 2018 to explore the varied array of topics about fundamentals and special insights into lyophilization processes! The Combined Decades of Experience Seminar will include p...Read more

CharpyCool – The Ideal Solution For Your Impact Testing Needs

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CharpyCool Bath removes the need for costly consumables such as liquid nitrogen The quality control of material can prove to be a lengthy and costly evaluation process to assure its relative toughness meets industry standard. Charpy Impact Testing (CIT) is a well-known and commonly used techniqu...Read more

The Avestin EmulsiFlex B15: The Improved French Press

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The Avestin EmulsiFlex B15: The Improved French Press The French pressure cell press, also known as the French press, is a cellular disruption unit invented by Charles Stacy French, utilised to disrupt the plasma membrane of cells by forcing them through a narrow orifice at very high pressur...Read more

Upgrade Your Genevac HT System Now

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Increase your throughput and efficiency now and trade in your old Genevac HT system for a new state of the art series 3 evaporator! Offer 1: Trade in any Genevac series 2 HT4, HT4X, DD4 or DD4X evaporator when you purchase a new series 3 HT6 system and receive a 15% trade in discount voucher ...Read more

How Avestin High Pressure Homogenisers can Produce a Stable Emulsion

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Emulsions are widely produced for a variety of industrial and pharmaceutical products, and are often defined as a combination of two immiscible liquids, whereby one liquid (the dispersed phase) is in the form of microscopic droplets dispersed in the other liquid...Read more