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Evaporation Technologies for Environmental Analysis

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March 2015 Monitoring of the environment for substances potentially harmful to health is a core activity not just for government departments but for many organisations who wish to ensure that they are not harming their staff or the environment. Samples of air, water, soil or plant matter are rou...Read more

New: Guide to Evaporation

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February 2015 Solvent removal by evaporation is an essential process for sample preparation. But while it's vital to so many applications it’s rare to find an evaporation expert in a laboratory. Evaporation can be carried out quickly, easily, with a minimal of operator involvement. The latest t...Read more

Five questions to ask when sourcing a laboratory freeze dryer

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January 2015 Freeze dryers can be complicated pieces of specialised equipment, with controlled heating, cooling and vacuum interacting with each other to provide the best drying conditions. They are used for many different types of product and there are therefore a variety of different types of ...Read more

Controlling Crystal Polymorphism

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Polymorphism can potentially be found in any crystalline material. It is particularly important in the development of pharmaceutical ingredients as different crystal form can have significantly different physical, chemical and biological properties and many drugs receive regulatory approval for o...Read more

Fast, Versatile Sample Evaporation: Rocket Synergy

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October 2014 The new Genevac Rocket Synergy series sets a new benchmark in sample evaporation versatility through offering automated evaporation of a wide range of sample formats and sizes, from millilitres to tens of litres. The Rocket Synergy can dry or concentrate up to six flasks, each con...Read more

The Quest for Culinary Perfection

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October 2014 Midsummer House, located in the heart of historic Cambridge, is home to some seriously stylish food. Chef Daniel Clifford’s cooking has a modern-focus which is underpinned by classical French technique. Top-quality ingredients, advanced technique and technical prowess add wow-facto...Read more

Guide to Choosing a Freeze Dryer

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September 2014 Freeze drying is used for many different types of product - foods, pharmaceuticals, tissues, advanced materials, ingredients, fractions. It is used to improve shelf life, reduce weight, create a particular structure, increase solubility, reduce decay, or make products easier to s...Read more

Vial Washers for the Compounding Pharmacy: Ensuring Preparation Safety

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July 2014 The cleanliness of vials used to contain customized medications is of utmost concern to compounders. Many of today's compounding pharmacists use manual washing or a mechanical dishwasher to clean vials - even those that will be used to contain sterile injectables - but those methods a...Read more

Optimal Drying of HPLC fractions

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July 2014 In pharmaceutical and chemical synthesis laboratories, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is probably the most frequently used analytical separation technique. A widespread and growing application for HPLC is for product purification following chemical synthesis. Common HPL...Read more

Case Study: Friends2Dinner and Powder Filling

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June 2014 "Friends 2 Dinner Ltd was established in Ireland in 2012. Our first product was a Gourmet Mulled Wine infusion consisting of a granulating sugar and spice mix which was initially weighed and packaged by hand. After this product was ordered by a nationwide supermarket chain we required...Read more