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How Controlled Ice Nucleation Can Improve Product Quality & Reduce Cycle Run Time

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  White Paper from SP Scientific: Adoption of Controlled Ice Nucelation Technology, ControLyo Take a look at this new white paper from Ian Whitehall at SP Scientific which discussed how employing controlled nucleation technology (ControLyo) can offer the benefits of: Improved product ...Read more

High Pressure Homogeniser Product Focus: Avestin EmulsiFlex C55

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  The difference in throughput between a benchtop and production scale high pressure homogneiser can be enormous, and so there is a need to bridge the gap between the two, via a system that offers all of the accessories and GMP-compliant modifications that a production-scale unit would ...Read more

Upgrade Your Genevac HT System Now

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Increase your throughput and efficiency now and trade in your old Genevac HT system for a new state of the art series 3 evaporator! Offer 1: Trade in any Genevac series 2 HT4, HT4X, DD4 or DD4X evaporator when you purchase a new series 3 HT6 system and receive a 15% trade in discount voucher ...Read more

How Avestin High Pressure Homogenisers can Produce a Stable Emulsion

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Emulsions are widely produced for a variety of industrial and pharmaceutical products, and are often defined as a combination of two immiscible liquids, whereby one liquid (the dispersed phase) is in the form of microscopic droplets dispersed in the other liquid...Read more

Why volumetric powder filling? An introduction to the technology.

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Introduction to volumetric powder filling technology   Volumetric powder filling technology has proven to be an excellent solution for not only accurate and repeatable dosage requirements, but also a cost-efficient answer for various product applicati...Read more

Until July 31st 2017 Only – Special Offer on Kinematics 5500/TX Volumetric Powder Filler

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**Limited Time Special Offer** On all new Kinematics Controls & Corp. 5500/TX volumetric powder fillers ordered by July 31st 2017, we're offering:   10% discount  PLUS Free Delivery & Duty Paid within UK & Europe (lead time of under 6 weeks) Prices from £28,500* (*...Read more

For Sale – Refurbished miVac Duo Concentrator

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Our sister company in Ireland, BPS Crowthorne, currently has for a sale a refurbished miVac Duo Concentrator for a limited time only   This system has been fully refurbished to current manufacturing standards, and is supplied fully tested and validated ensuring the system is operating as...Read more

High Pressure Homogenisation: Binding Albumin Nanoparticles to Paclitaxel

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  At the cellular level, cancers are unique to everyone. Each individual’s cancer is a result of a unique combination of genetic alterations, and so specifically targeting these cells via anti-cancer therapy proves very challenging. Whilst systemic chemotherapy proves effective in ...Read more

Controlled Nucleation utilising ControLyo™ & SMART technology enables streamlining of your product and cycle development processes.

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Increasingly, industry has become driven by stringent regulations where companies are being asked to understand specific material properties of intrinsic value during the design and implementation of an efficient lyophilisation recipe, to ensure successful drying which doesn’t impact potentia...Read more

The Rise of Low Maintenance, Automated Aseptic Processing Lines

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Contemporary procedures to ensure cleanliness of vials, for use in aseptic processing environments appear to be at the forefront of technology more than ever before. This may, in part, be associated with increased attention from regulatory agencies, and the drive towards compliance as a resu...Read more