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High Pressure Homogeniser Product Focus: Avestin EmulsiFlex C55

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  The difference in throughput between a benchtop and production scale high pressure homogneiser can be enormous, and so there is a need to bridge the gap between the two, via a system that offers all of the accessories and GMP-compliant modifications that a production-scale unit would ...Read more

‘Introduction to Homogenisation’ Guide Now Available

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High pressure homogenisation is a key technology  for particle size reduction, particle or suspension stability, sample homogeneity and nanomolecular disruption. The benefits of this technology include extraction of valuable intracellular products and improving shelf life and potency of pharmaceu...Read more

Application Note: High Pressure Homogenisation and Protein Expression

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Inspiralis is a company based in Norwich which specialises in providing topoisomerases, ligases and other DNA-modifying proteins which are used in the drug-discovery process by the pharmaceutical industry and academia. Topoisomerases are proteins which alter the topology of DNA, preventing it bec...Read more

Nano Particles, an Effective Means for Drug Delivery

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March 2015 Advances in drug discovery technologies and combinatorial chemistry techniques have led to identification of a number of compounds with good therapeutic potential. However, the number of insoluble drug candidates has increased in recent years with almost 70%1 of new drug candidates sh...Read more

Drug Discovery – New challenges, new solutions

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June 2014 Recombinant and heterologous expression of proteins has been a common practice in industry and academia for the last few decades. It is commonly used with technologies including molecular biology, DNA cloning, protein analytics and purification for discovery of new drugs and drug targe...Read more