High Pressure Homogenisation: Binding Albumin Nanoparticles to Paclitaxel

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  At the cellular level, cancers are unique to everyone. Each individual’s cancer is a result of a unique combination of genetic alterations, and so specifically targeting these cells via anti-cancer therapy proves very challenging. Whilst systemic chemotherapy proves effective in ...Read more

Controlled Nucleation utilising ControLyo™ & SMART technology enables streamlining of your product and cycle development processes.

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Increasingly, industry has become driven by stringent regulations where companies are being asked to understand specific material properties of intrinsic value during the design and implementation of an efficient lyophilisation recipe, to ensure successful drying which doesn’t impact potentia...Read more

The Rise of Low Maintenance, Automated Aseptic Processing Lines

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Contemporary procedures to ensure cleanliness of vials, for use in aseptic processing environments appear to be at the forefront of technology more than ever before. This may, in part, be associated with increased attention from regulatory agencies, and the drive towards compliance as a resu...Read more

Liposomal Vitamins: Optimising Bioavilablity

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With the daily supplementation of vitamins continuing to grow in popularity, many people remain unaware that vitamins are governed by no standard regulatory, scientific or marketplace definitions. This leads to inconsistencies in dosing and formulation, raising questions about the bioavailabili...Read more

There’s no better time to purchase an Avestin high pressure homogeniser than now

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Can you say April offer? What better way to start off Quarter 2 than with a special offer? From now until the end of April, Biopharma is offering you package discounts on the Avestin Emulsiflex high pressure homogenisers range Contact Ashley Morgan to find out more Read more

Freeze Drying vs Spray Drying: is it essentially quality vs cost?

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In an increasingly demanding industry when it comes to productivity and profitability, sometimes hard decisions need to be made as can be seen in the debate relating to the usage of freeze drying or spray drying when developing a product process, and it can come down to something as cut and dry a...Read more

Product Focus: Which benchtop high pressure homogeniser is right for you?

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With applications including cellular lysis, emulsification, particle size reduction, liposome formation and more, the Avestin range of high pressure homogenisers offers consistent, reliable processing at high pressures adjustable to 45,000psi. The process its...Read more

Help! I need a freeze dryer but I don’t know which is right for me

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Although all freeze dryers carry out the same processes, systems vary in size, capability and configurations. At Biopharma, freeze drying is our specialty. From equipment to product and process development, maintenance and validation to analytical equipment, we provide a complete package. The ...Read more

Volumetric Powder Filling Technology Is The Way Forward For Stream-Lining Your Processing & Increased Productivity.

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] By Marta Romaniuk & Richard Lewis- Biopharma Group, Winchester, UK. in conjunction with John Rakucewicz - Kinematics & Controls Corporation, Florida, USA.   Increasingly, industry appears to be driven by a manufacturer’s demand for ‘stream-lin...Read more

High Pressure Homogenisation for Efficient Cellular Lysis

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]   Extracting intracellular products such as DNA, ribosomes and mitochondria allow further study and understanding of how cellular mechanisms work and the ways they respond to different environments. The cell membrane acts as the barrier between t...Read more