Analytical Lyo R&D Lab

Biopharma Group offers equipment ranges from volumetric powder fillers to high pressure homogenisers to full scale production freeze dryers and pre-/post-lyo analytical instruments; all with a view to provide you with a choice of freeze drying and bioprocessing equipment solutions that will augment your in-house expertise to enable the best project and/ or programme success.

To do this Biopharma Group has teamed up with the following product principles:

  • SP Scientific for freeze dryers
  • Genevac for centrifugal solvent evaporators
  • SP i-Dositecno aseptic processing line and fill-finish equipment
  • Avestin for high pressure homogenisers
  • Sepiatec GmbH for preparative chromatography systems
  • Kinematics & Controls Corporation for volumetric powder fillers
  • Faster s.r.l. for airflow safety equipment
  • IC Biomedical for cryporeservation storage equipment
  • Gellert food production freeze dryers  – Details section coming soon! (for details, or register your interest contact Richard Lewis via our ‘Contact Us’ page)



Analytical Lyo Instruments

Biopharma Group specialists have designed and developed advanced analytical instruments specifically to aid those conducting freeze drying characterisation within their production or research projects.

The models include:

Lyostat Freeze Drying Microscope (FDM)

Lyotherm DTA & Impendance Analyser


DSC Imaging Stage

Freeze Drying Equipment

Benchtop/ Laboratory Models: 

Benchtop Pro/ AdVantage

Pilot/ Research Models: 

Genesis/ Ultra/ Lyostar/ Virtual

Production Scale Models: 


Pharma Production

Food Production (Coming Soon)

Aseptic Processing Lines & Fill-Finish

Vial handling and fill-finish solutions for pharmaceutical & biotech production, designed for sterility, quality and efficiency.

The range includes options from the individual processing line components such as:

Rotary Vial Washers

Sterlisation Tunnels 

Fillers & Stoppering

Capping Machines & Trayloaders

External Vial Washers

Faster Airflow Equipment

Biopharma Group provides a range of clean air equipment from Faster S.r.l to mainland UK.

The model range includes:

Microbiological safety cabinets

Laminar airflow work benches & downflow booths

Fume cupboards


Air showers

Cryopreservation Storage

The newest addition to Biopharma Group’s equipment ranges are cryopreservation storage products for the cryogenics industries including:

Lab Series Freeze Systems/ K Series Storage Systems

High Capacity (HC) Series/ Laboratory Systems (LS) Series 

Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

Extended Time (XT) Cryogenic Refrigerators

Cryogenic Equipment Accessories/ Racking

Cryo Exchange (CX) Vapour Shippers

Genevac Solvent Evaporators

Exclusively available from Biopharma in the UK,  Ireland & France, Genevac’s centrifugal solvent evaporator system ranges include:

EZ-2 Evaporators

HT Series Evaporators

Rockets Evaporators

miVac Concentrators & Accessories

Volumetric Powder Fillers

Biopharma Group offers modular volumetric powder fillers from Kinematics & Controls Corporation throughout the UK, Ireland & Europe. The modular systems allow versatility for those who need to maximise product throughput.

The model range includes:

4400/VC (available to hire – ask for details) or 4400/TX

5500/TX or 5500/MO

Fully automated and customised systems

High Pressure Homogenisers

The Avestin Emulsiflex range of high pressure homogenisers is ideal for a wide range of applications within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology & fine chemicals industries.

Models from Benchtop to Production Scale: 

B15/ C3/ C5

C50/ D20/ D20C

C160/ C500/ C1000

Liposome Extrusion: 

LiposoFast-Basic & Stabiliser/ LiposoFast LF-50

Prep SFC & HPLC Systems

Sepiatec GmbH is a first class separation solutions provider with expertise in the field of analytical and prep SFC/HPLC in the fields of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, natural products, food and chemical sectors.

The systems in the range are:

Prep SFC 50/250/660/M5-50 and M5-250

Sepmatix 8x SFC/Sepmatix 8x HPLC

SepBox 2D-250/2D-2000