Closeup_Olympus_lens_BioGroupAdvanced Microscopy and Thermal Analysis for Freeze Drying Characterization

A rational, knowledge-based approach to designing and developing successful freeze drying formulations and cycles requires information about how the product responds to different processing conditions. Candidate formulations should be analyzed in terms of their visible physical structure, thermal characteristics and frozen state mobility, in order to gain a sufficient understanding of its behavior throughout the freeze drying process.  This ensures that cycles can be developed that are tailored to the specific needs of every product, making them efficient, safe, robust and reproducible.

Analytical Instruments

Biopharma has developed two advanced analytical instruments – the Lyostat freeze-drying microscope and the Lyotherm DTA and impedance analyser – to provide exactly these answers. During the past decade, both instruments have been improved and updated to give the current instruments which are described below.

Lyostat Freeze Drying MicroscopeImaging station open

Lyostat identifies critical formulation parameters including collapse temperature (Tc), eutectic melting temperature (Teu), crystallisation phenomena, the potential for skin/crust formation, and the effects of annealing on ice crystal growth, solute structure and critical temperature.  The Lyostat freeze drying microscope is PC controlled to provide sophisticated image and data capture along with analysis functions, which allows the user to determine the failure point of their formulations.

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Lyotherm provides information about the behavior of your formulation in the frozen state, identifying changes in molecular mobility and giving an indication of thermal events such as glass transitions, crystallisation events and eutectic melting.


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