Cuddon Freeze Dry has been developing and manufacturing freeze drying equipment since 1963. Their systems are highly respected for their quality of construction and robustness, which ensures a minimum of maintenance requirements. All Cuddon freeze dryers are manufactured under ISO 9001 accreditation, and full validation packages such as FAT & IQOQ, can be supplied.

Processing Aspects:

Each system allows operators to control important processing aspects, as highlighted, below:

  • Shelf temperature – accurate for both positive and negative temperatures
  • Pressure – an upper limit can be added to that particular step/recipe, to help drive more efficient drying
  • Multiple drying steps: minimises the risk of poor product quality, post-drying
  • Product Freezing-in-situ: While many may prefer to freeze material externally, for some products the ability to freeze within the machine in a controlled manner is preferred

Typical Applications:

  • Food processing
  • Dairy industry
  • Pet food/treats – freeze drying raw & cooked meat products

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  • Cultures and starters
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Wound management – Collagen scaffolds

Cuddon Freeze Dryers: Support & Benefits

These freeze dryers are ideal for production scale pet food processing, coming fully operational as a package including:

  • All control, refrigeration, heating and vacuum systems – This is not always the case with competitor brands
  • Manufactured by Cuddon since 1963 – Giving demonstrable & proven reliability and distributed in the UK & Europe by Biopharma Group
  • UK & Irish technical service support & maintenance available exclusively from fully trained Biopharma Group service engineers

Cuddon Freeze Dryers: Models & Specifications

Freeze Dryer Models:

Please note that all kg described, below, represent the total ice condensing capacity of the equipment within 24 hours

  • FD80 –80kg / shelf area: 9m2
  • FD300 –300kg / shelf area: 29m2
  • FD600 –600kg / shelf area: 58m2
  • FD1000 –1,000kg / shelf area: 92m2
  • FD1,500 –1,500kg / shelf area: 137m2

All systems are capable of:

  • Freezing product in-situof the machine
  • A wide range of accurate shelf control -40’C to +70’C
  • Stringent vacuum control during the drying steps

Whatever scale your process works to, through the Cuddon brand, we can offer a solution, contact us to discuss your requirements or request a quote today!