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benchtop pro freeze dryer

Benchtop Pro freeze dryer

**Now including the Omnitronics controller as standard for customisable programming**

Popular in universities and research laboratories due to ease of use, flexibility and extensive range of accessories, Benchtop Pro freeze dryers encompass a range of lab processing requirements. An extensive range of accessories and options allows any shape or size of sample to be freeze dried. Precise vacuum control enables faster freeze drying and reproducible results.

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AdVantage freeze dryer

AdVantage Benchtop Freeze Dryer

The AdVantage series are unique, benchtop freeze dryers with temperature-controllable shelves similar to those on larger systems. The precise freeze drying control is ideal for processing valuable or sensitive biological materials or developing safe, repeatable processes. It is ideal for pilot or R&D laboratories that need a more advanced level of  process control but lack the space for free-standing research systems.

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Freezemobile Freeze Dryer

Freezemobile Freeze Dryer

Freezemobile freeze dryers are designed with flexibility and convenience in mind. A broad selection of options enables multiple users to configure the same system for a wide range of different applications. With an optional shell freezing bath and a wide range of single and multi-tier horizontal “T” type manifolds the Freezemobile can dry multiple flasks simultaneously.

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