The AdVantage series is a unique range of benchtop freeze dryers with temperature-controllable shelves similar to those found on larger research and scale-up systems.

  • Ideal for pilot or R&D laboratories that need an advanced level of process control but lack the space for free-standing research units
  • Advanced software allows for data capture and analysis
  • Up to 16 multi-step program recipes which control shelf temperature (-62°C to +60°C), condenser temperature and vacuum levels can be selected
  • Thermocouple probes are included for product and process monitoring, and complementary PC software is also available for data capture and analysis
  • Up to 3x stainless steel 316 shelves can be selected (0.27m2 shelf area, in total) and condenser temperatures as low as -82 °C
  • Pneumatic stoppering can be chosen to allow containers to be closed at the end of a product run, under either vacuum or an inert gas, such as nitrogen
  • The precise freeze drying control supplied by AdVantage makes it ideal for processing valuable or sensitive biological materials. – Commonly used by biotech and pharma corporations, research institutes, pharmacy departments of universities, and diagnostic companies