**Now including the Omnitronics controller as standard for customisable programming**

Benchtop Pro freeze dryers are ideal compact research machines that encompass a range of lab processing requirements. They are flexible, powerful and user-friendly.benchtop pro freeze dryer

Now including the Omnitronics controller as standard for customisable programming, click here to view the short spec. sheet

  • Condenser temperature options from -55°C to -103°C to enable processing a wide range of products and solvents
  • Extensive range of accessories allows for flexibility in terms of shape or size sample to be freeze dried including trays, flasks, ampoules, vials and 96 well microtiter plates
  • Range of manifolds in clear acrylic or stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance
  • Precise vacuum control enables you to achieve better, more repeatable results.
  • One-button auto start-up and shut-down activates all operating parameters in a correct and safe sequence, protecting the product and equipment
  • Hot gas defrost and smooth-walled condensers for fast turnaround and minimal delay between runs
  • Samples should be frozen externally, prior to introducing to the vacuum. If you prefer or require a system capable of freezing in-situ, but still at benchtop scale, please refer to our Virtis Advantage Pro range.

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Benchtop Pros are often used in conjunction with Shell Bath Freezers

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