Ultra Freeze Dryer


Ultra freeze dryers are flexible systems series small enough to fit into a laboratory but with larger shelf and condenser capacity to enable those involved in small-scale production or scale-up research to process larger batches. Control options are available to provide cGMP-compliant data monitoring and automation applications for 21CFR11 requirements.

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Large Scale Production for Pharma and Biotech

Usifroid Production Freeze Dryer

For over 20 years, Biopharma has worked closely with world-renowned manufacturers of high quality, technologically advanced freeze drying equipment for production of pharmaceuticals and biotech products. We understand the challenges and requirements of sourcing this type of equipment and are confident of meeting both your technical and commercial requirements.

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Cuddon Freeze Dry

Dairy production freeze dryer from Cuddon

Cuddon Freeze Dry has been involved in lyophilisation technology since the early 1960s. Their systems are known for quality construction, simple operation and assured performance and are commonly used for such applications as food processing, document recovery, medical products, and artefact preservation.

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