Genesis Freeze Dryer

Genesis Freeze Dryer

Designed for versatility, Genesis has an extensive range of options that allows the machine to be customised to meet the specifications of almost any application. This flexibility means that Genesis can be found in universities, biotech start-ups, tissue banks, multinational companies, government agencies and industrial manufacturers in a wide range of industries.

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Ultra Freeze Dryer

The Ultra series is based on the Genesis, but with larger shelf and condenser capacity to enable those involved in small-scale production or scale-up research to process larger batches. Control options are available to provide cGMP-compliant data monitoring and automation applications for 21CFR11 requirements.

Ultra is commonly used by pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostics companies.

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Lyostar Freeze Dryer

Lyostar has been designed and built like a production freeze dryer, with superior shelf mapping, fast freezing, high reliability and ease of use.

But with the additional SMARTTM freeze drying technology, an innovative combination of hardware and groundbreaking software, Lyostar has been proven to drastically accelerate the development of cycles for protein therapeutics.

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VirTual Freeze Dryer

The VirTual model freeze dryer is ideal for processes requiring high vapour loads, such as bulk processing or fast cycles. The high-capacity internal condenser can be isolated so that pressure rise tests can be carried out to give an indication of the end of primary or secondary drying.

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