genesis_rebranding02Unequalled for design and capabilities, the Genesis is the most versatile freeze dryer for pilot, research or small scale production applications.

Its advanced product monitoring and process control make it ideal for research and with a user-friendly interface it is perfect for laboratories with multiple products or formulations to investigate. An ergonomic layout allows easy inspection of the vacuum pump and facilitates oil changes, which can be made quickly and cleanly in the laboratory environment.

Genesis is available with up to six bulk drying shelves (five vial processing shelves).  An expanded range of shelf arrangements, available with a shelf latching kit, allows you to configure it to process a wide variety of vial sizes.

The user friendly ‘Wizard 2’ microprocessor control system allows storage of up to 16 different multi-step freeze-drying recipes.

With shelf area up to 0.85m2 shelf area and condenser capacity up to 35litres, Genesis can also be used for scale-up work and small-scale processing. The extensive range of options includes:

  • Stoppering
  • Cleanroom configuration
  • Isolation valve
  • Water cooling
  • Sample thief
  • Installation and operator training
  • IQ and OQ options
  • Control system options for 21CFR11 and cGMP compliance
  • PC software for data storage and handling

Genesis can be found in universities, biotech start-ups, tissue banks, multinational life science corporations, government agencies and industrial manufacturers.