Biopharma has been dedicated to freeze drying since 1989. Our freeze drying laboratories have processed a range of materials that includes proteins, tissues, polymers, archaeological artefacts and cells. Take advantage of our expertise to keep your project on track. Our freeze drying R&D services will support you throughout your project.

Freeze Drying Services

  • Product characterisation  Vital for all development work. Identify key characteristics such as collapse temperature (Tc) and glass transitions (Tg’)
  • Fine-tune formulations  Select and combine excipients to provide cryo and lyo-protection specific to your API.
  • Develop or optimise cycles  Freeze drying cycles should be tailored for the product, batch and machine specifications.
  • Streamline scale-up  Changes in batch characteristics or equipment affects the physics of freeze drying
  • Post-process analyses  Understand your final product’s storage requirements, and document the  success of the process

Our expertise

We have offered consultancy services since 1997 and in that time have worked on over 1000 products. We have processed products from small drug molecules to large complex biomolecules, foods, tissues, cells, living organisms and archaeological artefacts. We have also collaborated on a number of research projects including freeze drying of red blood cells, encapsulation of probiotics, spray drying, Headspace Moisture Analysis and impedance analysis.

This varied experience enables us to understand the challenges faced in product and process development. We know which excipients will provide favourable thermal and mechanical characteristics suitable to each individual formulation and are able to advise process parameters for robust and efficient freeze drying.

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