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Regular Scheduled Courses:

>>Process Development in Practice: 3-Day Workshop

>>Product, Process and Systems – Duration: 3 days

>>Practical Guide to Process Development – Duration: 2 days

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Bespoke/Customized On-Site & Webinar Courses

Duration: Variable

Bespoke (customized) on-site and webinar courses present an opportunity for a company looking for instruction in the field of lyophilization technologies to create a programme specific to their individual needs.

Ideal for those with a large training requirement, or when a specific training need has been identified, we offer complete flexibility as to the duration and location of the courses, be it on-site or in a webinar format, whichever proves most beneficial to you as the client. The content of these courses can be customized to requirements and to the specific situation requested thus ensuring focus is placed exclusively on the areas required for your team members.

Customers with a specific product type or process issue can request time to be allocated for consultancy with regard the product, equipment or process in question.

Please see below a list of general topic suggestions that your course could be designed around, although if you do need to focus on something more specific for your product and/ or projects, please click on the ‘Request more information’ link:


  • Introduction to FD technology 
  • Product Freezing Primary and Secondary Drying
  • Concepts of Formulation Formulation Characterisation
  • Process Monitoring and PAT methods Conventional Cycle Development
  • Alternative Approaches to Cycle Development SMART and ControLyo technologies Quality by Design (QbD) for Lyophilisation 
  • Freeze-Dried Product Analysis Freeze-Drying of Liposomes
  • Freeze-Drying of Small Proteins and Antibodies Freeze-Drying of Particles
  • Freeze-Drying of Bacteria and Probiotics Freeze-Drying of whole cells Lyophilisation from Non-Aqueous solvents
  • Workshop 1 – Appearance and Visible Defects Workshop 2 – Multidisciplinary Problem Solving


  • Systems 1 – Thermal Fluid & Refrigeration Systems 2 – Practical Refrigeration & Stoppering
  • Vacuum Systems (incl. leak testing)
  • Containers, Stoppers & Barrier Technology Condensers
  • Cleaning and Sterilisation Maintenance Maintenance & Qualification
  • Qualification & Validation

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Learn from the Experts

We present the topics from practice and experience – not just theory & textbooks. Our tutors are currently active in the field, with many years practical experience. They have substantial knowledge of  the challenges of operating an efficient and robust freeze drying process and the experience to trouble shoot your processing problems. The courses are regularly updated in response to feedback from course attendees, changes in cGMP and advances in processing technology.  Our objective is to embed an understanding of freeze drying theory in our training courses and ground the course in real world practice.
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Training Partners

Biopharma have joined forces with The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) to provide our Product, Process & Systems course this September. NIBRT is a world-class institute that provides training and research solutions for the bioprocessing industry. Their mission is to support the bioprocessing industry by providing a unique learning experience for trainees in an environment that replicates the most modern industrial bioprocessing facility, demonstrated successfully through their world class facility in Dublin, Ireland.

Lyophilisation is a complex science and as a result, personnel with extensive freeze drying experience are very rare in the industry. Combining the expertise of Biopharma and NIBRT, this course is the ideal way to ensure your training needs are met. 

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