Product Spotlight! Analytical, Preparative & Semi-Prep Chromatography Solutions

Available exclusively in the UK, Ireland & France from Biopharma Group

Analytical, Preparative & Semi-Prep Chromatography

Biopharma is pleased to exclusively supply innovative separations equipment for analytical, preparative & semi-prep chromatography from Sepiatec GmbH throughout the UK, Ireland & France.

Sepiatec, SampleGenie & Rocket Evaporators
Chiral purification has an undoubtedly important role in contemporary science.
Across the UK and Ireland Chiral Groups within the larger Purification groups found in large pharma, drug discovery and CRO’s are continuously working on the next blockbuster drug.
However, the process does not come without its pitfalls.
Please refer to the table below, to see how Biopharma Group can offer a one-stop-shop solution, to ensure future preparatory SFC and solvent evaporation projects run efficiently – so your scientists can spend more time on the science, rather than the set-up
Suitable drying formats for Prep SFC fractions:
  • 6 x 400ml “bullnose” flasks
  • 6 x 250ml SampleGenie flasks
  • 250ml Schott bottles
  • 5 litre bowl rotor (single fractions up to 5 litres)
The Sepiatec range is complemented by the range of Genevac Centrifugal Evaporators.
So, whatever your need, we can accommodate you! Please contact us today for more information.

If you would like to speak to a product specialist about the Analytical, Preparative & Semi-Prep Chromatography Solutions we offer, contact us today!



Providing Solutions To Meet Your Lyophilisation & Bioprocessing Needs


Freeze drying is our speciality. From equipment to product and process development, maintenance and validation to analytical equipment, we provide a complete package.

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Genevac’s high performance centrifugal solvent evaporator systems are designed for use in chemistry, biology and analytical science applications and are in use in laboratories worldwide.

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Both air-powered and electrically-powered systems are available and options include filtration / extrusion, temperature control and automatic pressure control.

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Kinematics & Controls Corporation’scompact modular powder filling systems have proved to be popular in environments where companies seek to make the process more efficient, maximising potential product throughputs.

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Renowned across industries from Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Chemical, the separation technologies offered allow profound process optimisations whilst vastly accelerating processing time.

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A range of vial handling equipment for pharmaceutical and biotech production, designed for cleanliness, quality, efficiency and minimal operator and maintenance requirements.

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Biopharma Group provides a range of clean air equipment from Faster S.r.l to mainland UK. From standard specification stock microbiological safety cabinets & fume cupboards available on short lead times, to customised manufactured products.

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Advanced analytical instruments specifically to aid those conducting freeze drying characterisation within their production or research projects, from the Lyostat FDM & Lyotherm DTA & impedance analyser to the MicroPress & DSC imaging stage

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Biopharma Group is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest possible standard of products, services and support.

As a group, we have several dedicated divisions covering the UK, France, Ireland and USA, each with the aim to meet the precise needs of our customers’​ projects appropriate to the size and stage by augmenting their in-house expertise whether to buy equipment, training, a single cycle run/ analysis or a full formulation development programme and work together to make each project a success.

Equipment Sales & Service:

Established in 1989, this division is a leading supplier of capital equipment to the pharmaceutical, biotech & process industries across the UK, Ireland and France, with a specialisation in freeze drying & associated technologies from volumetric powder fillers to aseptic processing lines. Most recently, Faster airflow products including microbiological safety cabinets, fume cupboards and more have been added to the equipment range portfolio.

With many years of expertise in the processing industries plus in-depth knowledge of the equipment supplied, our in-house, experienced technical service team enables us to support the working life of not only the freeze dryer equipment ranges, but also the high pressure homogenisers, volumetric powder fillers and vial handling equipment we offer.

Additionally, Biopharma Group remains at the forefront of analytical instrumentation development, having designed and developed a range of advanced analytical instruments i.e. the Lyostat5 freeze drying microscope (FDM), Lyotherm3 DTA & impedance analyser & most recently, the MicroPress for quantifying lyo-cake robustness.

R&D Consultancy & Lyo-Lab Analytical Services:

In 1997 our R&D consultancy & lyo-lab analysis division was formed to provide unbiased contract research, analysis & development services, training and analytical instrumentation internationally. We offer uniquely comprehensive services & training courses (scheduled or customised) covering aspects of freeze drying technology from pre-formulation studies through to sample production & dried product analysis.

Biopharma Technologies France (BTF) offers a combined proposition of capital equipment sales plus the expertise of the consultancy/ analytical lab analysis team giving our French-speaking clients a one-stop option. Biopharma Technology LLC (USA) concentrates on providing analytical instruments, lyo-lab services and training courses whilst BPS Crowthorne in Ireland combines the expertise offered by Biopharma Group with that of our sister company Crowthorne Group, who are the UK’s largest cleanroom validation service providers.


Decades of practical process experience

I just wanted to say thank you to […] the whole team for the wonderful and very informative course and the great hospitality.
I really appreciated everyone’s efforts that resulted in a very nicely structured course that allowed us to familiarize ourselves with freeze drying and have a great time at the same time.

Formulation Scientist

Cambridgeshire, UK

“The HT12 is a lovely instrument and is used every day. The methods [it utilises] are perfect for our needs”

R. Ellis

Laboratory Manager - Syngenta

“Great bit of kit [Genevac Rocket] that [we] have been using daily for past 12 months in a preparative chromatography lab.”

M. Sanders

Senior Research Scientist - AstraZeneca

“The Rocket is one of the best investments we’ve made and it’s paid for itself many times over. It’s been so popular that other labs have purchased time on it and have been blown away by it’s efficiency…”

“…we received commercial work from Welsh Water where we had to evaporate large numbers of methanol, acetonitrile and ethyl acetate extracts (typically 50ml) to dryness / near dryness and of course this was painfully slow on the Turbovaps and RSD’s were erratic. I convinced one of the scientists […] to try the Rocket and she was instantly converted. Evaporation rates were fast and RSD’s were much improved.”

A. Gravell

Technical Specialist - Natural Resources Wales

“We have been using an [Avestin] Emulsiflex C5 homogeniser here … since 2002 and the newer C3 since 2009. Our institute now has two of each model and they have been used extensively as the method of choice for large-scale protein production for x-ray crystallographic and NMR analysis of protein structure. The machines have consistently high performance and are extremely reliable. They are marvellous pieces of kit and I would recommend them to anyone wishing to purify large quantities of active proteins.”

Senior Researcher

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

“We have been dealing with Biopharma for several years and have purchased two freeze driers from them. We require the use of freeze driers in the process of our materials and not merely just for the removal of solvents and we have been very satisfied with the quality of the freeze dryers that we have bought. Additionally, the help and support we have received has been outstanding, not only when we have asked for help but also while sales personnel has been on site; i.e. when in another department they have contacted us and have come to speak with us as a matter of favour. As such we have been very impressed by their service”

Research Associate

University of Liverpool

We have been using the Kinematic Powder Filler successfully for several months now. We are a small pharmaceutical firm, and sell approximately 2000 sachets a month of a pharmaceutical powder. Previously, we had weighed individual sachets by hand. The powder filler has helped enormously, by delivering consistent weights of powder every time. Our requirement was +/- 0.1g.

The equipment is easy to calibrate, operate and maintain. We hope to use it on another product we are introducing.


EVC Compounding Ltd. - Wetherby, West Yorkshire.