A range of accessories work together to make miVac sample concentrators the fastest, most efficient concentrators on the market.


JetRotors for miVacmiVac are the only vacuum concentrators of their class to be supplied with rotors made from solid aluminium. The JetRotors range provides very high performance concentration compared to rotors made from plastic, or of an open construction. Speed increases compared with polypropylene types range between 40% and 200%, depending on sample format, providing a significant advantage when working with stubborn solvents, such as water.

  • Solid aluminium rotors
  • Faster concentration
  • Wide range of compatible labware

SpeedTrap frost-free cold trap

The SpeedTrap™ is suitable for use with a wide range of solvents, from volatile organic solvents through to water and some of the higher boiling point solvents.  Whilst it is designed to complement the miVac series of vacuum concentrators it can also be used with other vacuum concentrators, provided that the solvents concentrated are compatible.

  • No defrosting required, all solvents (including water) collect as liquids.
  • Easy to empty – collection jar is removed by quarter turn.
  • Compact unit requiring little bench space.
  • Also suitable for connection to other concentrators

Pressure controller

The miVac pressure controller can be added to any modular miVac system and allows the user full control over the running pressure in the system.

A vacuum ramping mode is included so that concentration can be commenced gently and is used to help prevent bumping or spitting.  For users who are uncertain of the appropriate pressures to choose an automatic mode can be used which controls the vacuum profile.

Duo & Quattro Pumps

miVac Duo and Quattro pumps are oil free diaphragm pumps requiring almost no maintenance designed to power the miVac series of vacuum concentrators..  They are compact, requiring little bench space and are quiet running.

The miVac Duo Pump is suitable for use with a volatile organic solvents through to water, whereas the miVac Quattro Pump is also suitable for use with some higher boiling point solvents.  Both pumps have high flow rates to ensure the fastest possible concentration rate.  miVac Duo and Quattro pumps can also be used with most of your existing equipment.

LyoSpeed Lyophilisation

When working with certain solvents, e.g. HPLC solvents, a fully dried result can be hard to achieve due to interactions with the dissolved sample – resulting in the formation of a gum or oil.

Genevac have developed a Fast Lyophilisation, or LyoSpeed™ process to resolve these problems for customers working with HPLC solvents.  Most recently, this has been taken further through the collaborative development of the SuperCool high power -75°C cold trap, delivering exceptional results with even the most difficult samples.

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