• evw100 1Dimensions
    209.5×84.5x198cm  vial running surface 85-95cm
  • Purpose
    Compact in-line vial decontaminating machine designed to rinse pharmaceutical vials
  • Vial Range
  • Output
    Up to 400 vials per minute
  • Changeover
    5 minutes (tool-less and the only change part is the vial transport timing screw)



– Can be used as a stand-alone unit with an infeed and outfeed turntable or integrated into a filling lineevw100 3
– No alignments of spray nozzles
– No format parts required for 13 and 20mm caps
– Fresh Water Rinsing, Compressed Air Drying
– Equipped as standard with an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC and an Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 600 Human Machine Interface (HMI)
– Menu-driven operation through the human machine interface (HMI)
– To avoid unauthorized access to machine functions password levels are implemented
– PLC-controlled servo motors automatically set the output rate, the vial height and the water/air flow per vial size
– All electrical components are installed in the electrical cabinet located in the base of the machine
– Piping system and electrical cabinet are installed inside the frame of the machine, resulting in a small footprint and a clean installation
– A vial-dedicated timing screw over the length of the machine captivates and transports tevw100 2he vial through the machine 
– The vials ride on a narrow rail and rotate continuously during their travel in the machine
– Rinsing is accomplished by low pressure water nozzles, cleaning the vials from the neck down (while they rotate)
– Drying can be accomplished by either compressed facility air or by an on-board air blower in the base of the machine
– Vials leave the machine dry
– An accident prevention hood, or under pressurised hood with gloves ports, is available
– All stainless steel, heavy duty construction with tempered glass windows and doors