• c925fbc57f09f8fd16f8934dd0333aed_5Dimensions
    202.5x183x137cm  vial running surface 85-95cm
  • Purpose
    High speed automatic vial washer for pharmaceutical and biotech applications
  • Vial Range
    2-500ml (change parts required)
  • Output
    Up to 400 vials per minute
  • Changeover
    XX-minute changeover to a different vial format

– Typical batch size: 10,000-25,000 vials
– 16 vial holders that hold vials at the neckrw1150 2
– Vials are fed to the vial carriers by way of an infeed drive belt
– Vials leave the washer in a single-file fashion
– Rotary infeed table with automatic loading of the vials into the vial holders
– Infeed Vial Flip Table that is ergonomically designed to avoid repetitive wrist motion, has a quicker plastic removal (2-3 times faster), and less potential of fallen vials
– A transparent cover permits visual verification of the washing process
– Safety provisions are in place to prevent water spraying when the cover is not located over the washing chamber
– 14 effective water/air stations
– Combined exposure time is approximately 20 seconds based on 30 indexes per minute
– Dedicated media manifolds (1 for water, 1 for air)
– Recycling of WFI, intermittent spraying and automatic lid lift mechanism                        rw1150 1– cGMP design: All 304/316L stainless steel
– Main drive is servo-driven
– Intrinsically designed for 3-log endotoxin reduction
– Four level dual password protected menu guides the operator through the operations of the machine
– Water for injection (WFI) can be recycled, filtered and used a second time, further reducing water consumption
– Tank includes a high and low level control mechanisms automatically adding water upon low-level detection
– Internal immersion heating element helps maintain water temperature
– No penetrating nozzles, no glass breakage, less particulate generation
– Self-draining after end of batch
– Orbital welding is used whenever possible
– Piping system is designed to run from high to low to prevent water stagnation
– Optional WFI-skid to supply the WFI at 80°C (no need for a WFI-loop)
– Complete validation documents package available (FRS, DDS, FAT/SAT, IQ/OQ)