• trayloader100 2Dimensions
    208x112x95cm  vial running surface 85-95cm
  • Purpose
    Designed to collect vials for your application and your tray format
  • Vial Range
  • Output
    Up to 200 vials per minute (depending on vial diameter and tray size)
  • Changeover
    2 minutes (tool-less)



– Single trayloader
– Controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and will handle plastic and glass vials
– Designed to handle trays up to 610 mm (24″) wide (open end) and up to 610 mm (24″) deep
 Tray materials can be metal, cardboard, corrugated plastic, or rigid plastic
– No format/change parts required
– Menu-driven, PLC-assisted changeover
– Automatic nesting
– Optional automatic containment ring lowering system for freeze drying applications
– Optional camera inspection to ensure same cap color/format and vial configuration
– Consistency in trayloading, always the same number of vials per tray
– Non-stop loading, even when replacing a full tray