As exclusive agents, Biopharma are pleased to be able to supply preparative chromatography product solutions from Sepiatec GmbH throughout the UK & Ireland. Sepiatec GmbH is a world leading separation solutions provider with unrivalled expertise in the field. Renowned across industries from Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Chemical, the separation technologies offered allow profound process optimisations whilst vastly accelerating processing time.

With focus and expertise, the Sepiatec product range simplifies and perfects the process of compound isolation, preparative SFC and parallel SFC/HPLC. The quality and value imparted by these systems is reflected in the widespread and extensive use by industry leading research institutions and foremost pharmaceutical firms such as Novartis, Bayer, Roche and AstraZeneca amidst others.

Positioned to develop and improve your process amidst a range of applications, their key focus lie in:

Preparative Scale Separation

Sepiatec offers the most compact solution available on the market in the form of the Prep SFC products utilising SFC (Super-critical Fluid Chromatography). This valued bench top technology for analytical and preparative columns offers the shortest processing times, a greener footprint and significant processing cost reduction. High performance utilising eight parallel columns and CYCLONE technology together allow optimal chiral separation to be formulated rapidly, thus has become a highly regarded asset especially in academia as well as Chiral and contract laboratory.

Sepiatec Prep SFC

The new Prep SFC Basic is a compact and easy-to-use chromatography system for preparative separations on analytical and semi-preparative columns by means of supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC). The system offers the comprehensive benefits of SFC technology, such as faster separations and lower costs due to reduced consumption of organic solvents, as well as being more environmentally friendly with increased safety.

The Prep SFC Basic system is equipped with two 400 bar high-pressure pumps with 20 ml pump heads. The total flow – at a modifier portion of 40 % – amounts to 33 ml/min. This way, chromatography columns with inner diameters ranging from 4 to 10 mm, and a length of up to 250 mm may be used.

The column oven, containing the chromatography columns together with the injection valve and the UV flow cell, can be heated up to 70 °C so that a uniform temperature is ensured. This system is available with either 6 or 9 gas-liquid-separators. As fractions are collected in an unpressurised state, not only is safety increased, but handling is simplified, and limitations with respect to the size of fraction volumes do not exist. This option can prove to be extremely convenient when working with stack injections.

As the dimensions of the Prep SFC Basic (including the integrated computer and 10” touchscreen) amount to only 53 x 55 x 80 cm (W x D x H), this system requires minimum space in the laboratory.

The Prep SFC basic system includes:
• high pressure pump for CO2
• high pressure pump for organic modifiers
• back-pressure regulator
• syringe pump for sample injection
• UV detector
• integrated computer with 10‘‘ touch-screen
• 4 USB connectors (2 of them located at the front panel), Ethernet and HDMI-connector
• Prep SFC control software

The Prep SFC basic system is completely controlled by the Prep SFC control software, offering simple intuitive service due to a structured menu system. All of the settings required for separations are available on 5 screens. The software contains functions like stack injection with automatic suggestion for stack time, and allows optimization of the fractionating parameters still in the course of the run.

Optional elements for the Prep SFC basic system:
• Column selection valve for switching between 2 columns
• Solvent selection valve for the modifier pump, max. 4 solvents
• Additional 3 gas liquid separators for collecting up to 8 fractions

This compact bench-top unit that measures 70cm x 60cm x 88 cm (W x D x H) is designed for specifically for preparative separations using the technology of Super-Critical Fluid Chromotography (SFC). The compact nature of the system has been designed to save value lab space and allows for easy access to components for maintenance/ servicing. Although a small scale system, it includes integrated, user friendly software with a 10 inch touch screen that means a separate computer and monitor are not required. This combined with the usual advantages of SFC technology such as fast separations, reduced consumption of organic solvents, lower costs, improved environmental compatibility and increased safety, makes this the ideal small lab machine for preparative separations.

The Prep SFC 100 is small in size but can cope with a variety of sample volumes – The fractionation module of the Prep SFC 100 system includes a selector valve and a gas/ liquid separator. It is designed for 8 sample bottles with a volume of 1 litre each but has the benefit of flexible outlets that allows for larger sample bottles up to several litres in volume to also be used.

The Prep SFC 100 system includes:

• high pressure pump for CO2,
• high pressure pump for modifiers,
• back pressure regulator,
• syringe pump for sample injection,
• UV / VIS detector,
• fractionation module,
• an integrated computer with a 10″ touch-screen,
• Prep SFC 100 control software.

The Prep SFC 100 with MS system is as per the Prep SFC 100 but has the optional extra of combining it with Advion’s expression CMS. All the modules needed to connect the expression CMS to the Prep SFC 100 system are included in this option and hey can be installed together in a standard laboratory fume hood.

The expression CMS is a very compact mass spectrometer featuring the latest single quadrupole technology. This combined systems allows users to perform mass-directed, mass-confirmed and UV-controlled fractionation. The exact molecular weights of the separated substances are quickly and reliably measured, and even UV-inactive targets can be fractionated.

The ion source consists of an ESI option and an APCI option, which can both produce anions or cations as required. The acquisition rate is 5,000 m/z units sec-1 and the resolution is 0.5 – 0.7 m/z units (FWHM) at 1,000 m/z units sec-1 throughout the acquisition range.

The expression CMS mass spectrometer is operated and the data obtained are displayed using the Prep SFC 100 system software. The expression CMS software allows users to perform a wide range of assessments.

Sepiatec‘s new Prep SFC M5 system is a preparative system for separating chiral and achiral samples using supercritical fluid chromatography.

The Prep SFC M5 system consists of the main module and the collector module. Both modules form a functional unit that can be configured in a variety of ways with different equipment.

The main module can be equipped with up to three high pressure pumps, a CO2 pump, a modifier pump and an optional add-on pump for separations with low modifier portions.

New versatile SFC systems for chiral and achiral applications:

• 30 ml pump heads (optional) for method development and semi-prep work, suitable for columns with 4 to 15 mm ID
• 100 ml pump heads (optional) for prep SFC applications and columns with 20 to 30 mm ID
• Column oven for up to 10 columns
• New cyclone design with very short outlet to avoid carryover of fractions
• Stack injections possible with re-use vial function
• Very convenient software
• Most compact system available for chiral and achiral separations

Possibilities for collecting and processing fractions using the Prep SFC M5 system can
be expanded with the optional sorter module.
The sorter module is a handling robot designed for interacting with the collector module of the Prep SFC M5 system. It is available in a variety of different sizes and can be equipped with various gripper arms.




  • Continuous removal of vials from the collector module with sorting according to pre-selected criteria
  • Continuous placement of new empty vials into the holder of the collector module,
  • Weighing of vials that are removed from the collector module#
  • A variety of other sample preparation processes or further analysis of collected fractions

The Prep SFC 360 system has been designed for flow rates of up to 360 ml of super-critical fluid per minute or, depending on the modifier portion, even up to 600 ml/min is possible (in the case of a modifier portion of 40%). Like the Prep SFC 100, the 360 system uses the Prep SFC control software, so that information required, such as separation parameters, system setup and fractionating conditions, can be selected via touch screen with ease.

The Prep SFC 360 system can easily be integrated within a walk-in laboratory hood as it measures only 150cm x 68cm x 178 cm (W x D x H). Additionally, below the unit, there is space for several large fraction vessels or a safety cabinet for solvents.

A CO2 pump, as well as a modifier pump are provided, each of them equipped with a 360 ml pump head and approved for a pressure of 360 bar. Up to three different organic modifiers can be mixed and used for separations. Beside the column mounting, the injection valve and the UV flow cell are also integrated within the column oven, which is heatable up to 50 °C. Separation columns with inner diameters between 25 and 50 mm and a length of up to 800 mm are admissible.

When working in ‘Single Mode’, up to 8 fractions can be collected. Whilst when in ‘Tandem Mode’, 4 fractions are available (CO2 flow > 180 ml/ min). The fraction volume in the Prep SFC 360 system is not limited.

The Prep SFC 360 system includes:

• a high pressure pump for CO2
• a high pressure pump for organic modifiers
• a gradient module for the mixing of modifiers
• a heatable column oven
• a back pressure regulator
• a syringe pump for sample injection
• a UV detector
• 8 gas-liquid-separators for fractions
• a powerful cooling module
• an integrated computer with 15‘‘ touch-screen
• the Prep SFC 360 control software

An additional benefit of the system is the flexibility in it’s functionality for preparative SFC separations such as, stack injection and different modes for collection of fractions. Before starting a new batch, parameters can be tested and optimized by means of a particular ‘Manual Screen’. For this a powerful computer with a 15” TFT touch screenis integrated within the unit; meaning that further space for supplementary electronics is not required. If required, a separate monitor can be connected via HDMI, three USB sockets and a network connection.

(Subject to modifications.)

Compound Isolation

A9R7D41 - leaf jarAutomated purification of compounds from natural sources:

Products from natural sources remain an inestimable pool for important compounds for R & D. Even today, with advances, compound isolation via fractionation still presents an elaborate process that is not time or cost effective; it creates a bottleneck. This is where the SepBox 2D product range comes to your aid due to its speed and accuracy that cannot be replicated by conventional chromatography methods, automation, replicable solutions with an average purity of fractions being 20 to 30 percent per run.



Chiral Separation

Chiral compound separation, being an important sector of the pharmaceutical industry, is closely scrutinised due to the different biological responses of the two possible entantiomeric forms of a racemic drug. Moreover, being valued for the development of purely optically active drugs, successful chiral separation is key and the emphasis on accuracy is something that the experts at Sepiatec have worked hard to achieve in the product development.


Sepiatec product ranges meet this industry wide need with capabilities of reproducible processes and automation, with results achievable within 24 hours to 7 days as opposed to the industry standard that can take from a fortnight to a number of months. Additionally, it offers suitability to compounds which are medium to completely polar in nature.

Using proven, synergetic technology platforms, Sepiatec products offer systems to achieve the highest sample purity and yield with over 90% recovery in comparison to conventional means, with sample collection into vials or micro-well plates and the possibility to isolate large amounts of the compound. The vials are also compatible with Genevac solvent evaporators developing a collaborative high-throughput process for sophisticated fractionation processes involving high speed and high capacity evaporation.

Sepiatec Sepbox Compound Isolation Systems

The Sepbox 2D-250 benchtop system is designed for the automated two-dimensional separation of up to 250 milligrams of extract. The system offers the choice between liquid and adsorbed (solid) sample injection. Importantly, up to 576 fractions can be collected in microtiter plates in just 24 hours. The Sepbox 2D-250 is suitable for medium to non-polar compounds (Polar Setup optional).

The system is equipped with intuitive, user-friendly software for method development, process control, data acquisition and data analysis.

The Sepbox 2D-250 offers high purity of fractions. On average, after one Sepbox run, up to 20 per cent of all fractions from plant extracts are 90 to 99 percent pure (ELSD*), and from extracts made of marine organisms, up to 30 per cent are 90 to 99 percent pure (ELSD).

As well as these highly purified compounds, it is usual to find a large number of fractions with compounds whose purity levels are between 50 and 90 percent in ELSD detection. Results vary depending on the extract and the examined organism.

* The purity levels quoted here were calculated using the 100 per cent method with ELSD detection, as UV detection does not provide reliable purity levels due to different absorption coefficients.


• Isolation of compounds with a speed and accuracy unachievable with conventional chromatography methods
• On average 20 to 30 per cent of fractions achieve 90 to 99 percent purity (ELSD) per run
• Isolation of large quantities possible
• Reproducible separations
• Cost advantages due to automation

With the Sepbox 2D-2000 benchtop system up to 2,000 milligram of extract can be processed and is equipped with two detectors: UV detection (ultraviolet) and optional ELSD detection (evaporative light scattering detection), which can detect almost any substance. If required, highly polar substances can be separated using the Polar Setup.

Due to the automated and highly reproducible process, one extract can be completely separated per day using two-dimensional separation. The recovery rate for both polar and non-polar substances is usually above 90 per cent.

Up to 576 fractions with a very high yield of pure compounds can be collected in vials for subsequent High Throughput Screening.

Today, HPLC is the standard technology used for separating compounds from natural resources. The Sepbox concept is based on a patented combination of HPLC and SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) and combines proven techniques with reliability to provide a universal platform suitable for processing large sample numbers.

Sepiatec’s unique Sepbox systems allow samples to be processed automatically, and significantly accelerate the purification process. Results that can usually take weeks or months to achieve via conventional methods can be obtained in just a few days – or even one day – with a Sepbox system. Up to 576 fractions with a very high yield of pure compounds can be efficiently obtained for subsequent High Throughput Screening. Using two-dimensional separation, the recovery rate for both polar and non-polar substances is usually above 90 per cent.

Using an automated and highly reproducible process, one extract can be completely separated per day. The pure individual compounds are soluted in suitable solvents and can be collected in vials (Sepbox 2D-5000 and Sepbox 2D-2000) or microtiter plates (Sepbox 2D-250).

The Sepbox 2D-5000 is designed for a large workload of up to 5,000 milligrams of extract made from plants, marine organisms, microbiological or animal material. The automated 2D chromatography provides 576 fractions in 24 hours. The fraction collector is equipped with 12 removable racks, each containing 48 vials with a maximum capacity of 60 millilitres.

The Sepbox 2D-5000 is equipped with software (controlled from a touch screen on the front of the machine) for method development, process control, data acquisition and data analysis.

The Sepbox 2D-5000 provides many individual chemical entities in quantities which can be easily used to elucidate structures, screen different targets and build a diverse library.


(Subject to modifications.)

Screening Applications

Rapid Screening Method Development

Catering to biologically active substances, Sepiatec Sepmatix 8x Screening HPLC and SFC systems offer capabilities to retain the structure of DNA, proteins and peptides, thus keeping their biological activity intact during separation.

Chiral Column Screening

Due to the nature of chirality separation, these compounds have a profound prerequisite, namely the need to meticulously formulate and rapidly determine the conditions required. The Sepmatix 8x Screening technology allows the user to achieve this.

The feature rich and high performance of the Sepmatix range provides advantages of significant sample throughput, multiple separation columns and complete flow control amongst others, providing a highly effective and pronounced screening process. With continuous development, technical expertise and worldwide support Sepiatec ensures every user and project need is met with excellence.

Sepiatec Sepmatix 8x Screening – Parallel HPLC/ SFC

By combining Sepiatec’s proven parallel HPLC technology with the advantages of SFC, the Sepmatix 8x Screening SFC system is the first of its kind with eight separating columns working in parallel, at high operating speed and as yet, with unmatched performance. An example being that, within just a few minutes, enantiomers can be separated on eight different chiral columns at the same time. The automatic variation of the eluents now makes it possible to determine the optimal chiral separation in a far shorter time than has ever been achieved previously.

The system has been designed with integrated Screening Wizard Software that clearly displays the separations achieved in up to 80 chromatograms at the same time making the best peak resolution immediately identifiable. This results in considerably reducing the amount of time the user needs for the selection process. The overview display is ideal for presentations.

For the Sepmatix 8x SFC system, only one CO2 pump and one modifier pump are needed. Using Sepiatec’s patented Flow Controlthe flow is divided into eight channels and regulated by electronically controlled valves.

A back pressure regulator, an autosampler, an eight channel diode array detector and a column oven for heating and cooling purposes are part of the standard equipment.

With minor modifications the Sepmatix 8x SFC system is also suited to chromatography using organic solvents.

The Sepmatix 8x Screening HPLC system works with eight channels in parallel whilst using only one external HPLC pump. The flow is separated by the Sepaitec patented Sepmatix Flow Control into eight channels, and the flow in each channel is precisely measured and regulated throughout the entire run. Together with an autosampler and an 8x parallel working detector, the result is a compact HPLC system that enhances the throughput of R&D labs without the need to spend time adapting methods to the new system or to purchase any new HPLC columns. The required space for the Sepmatix system is only 55cm x 55cm x 90cm (W x D X H). Users can continue to use all the methods and separation material that they wereusing with their conventional HPLC systems.

sepmatix_hplc_bild_a_gross - Main 1

The system consists of three modules:

  • 8x Flow Control low viscosity version with flow rates of between 0.25 to 1.25 ml/min;
  • Autosampler with syringe pump which injects samples from standard microtiter plates or deep-well microtiter plates onto eight columns (also suitable for vial racks)
  • 8x Diode Array Detector with eight analytical flow cells applicable for the spectral range of 200 to 600 nanometres.

The Sepmatix 8x Flow Control is available as an analytical version (with flow rates from 0.25 to 1.5 m / min per channel), a semiprep version (1.5 to 6.0 ml / min per channel) and a prep version (6.0 to 20 ml / min per channel).

The Screening Wizard Software developed by Sepiatec offers many different options and parameters, such as selectivity, capacity, resolution and data overview for the analysis of chromatograms. The software can display up to 80 chromatograms at once together with the associated columns and method terms. This function provides the users with an excellent overview so that they can quickly make a decision as to which columns and run conditions are showing the best results.

On request, a Sepmatix software module is available that can automatically identify the best separations, and which can relay the applications and columns to an automated preparative system.


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