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Preparative SFC

Prep SFC Basic

Prep_SFC_basic_web_grossThe new Prep SFC Basic is a compact and easy-to-use chromatography system for preparative separations on analytical and semi-preparative columns by means of supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC). The system offers the comprehensive benefits of SFC technology, such as faster separations and lower costs due to reduced consumption of organic solvents, as well as being more environmentally friendly with increased safety.

The Prep SFC Basic system is equipped with two 400 bar high-pressure pumps with 20 ml pump heads. The total flow – at a modifier portion of 40 % – amounts to 33 ml/min. This way, chromatography columns with inner diameters ranging from 4 to 10 mm, and a length of up to 250 mm may be used.

The column oven, containing the chromatography columns together with the injection valve and the UV flow cell, can be heated up to 70 °C so that a uniform temperature is ensured. This system is available with either 6 or 9 gas-liquid-separators. As fractions are collected in an unpressurised state, not only is safety increased, but handling is simplified, and limitations with respect to the size of fraction volumes do not exist. This option can prove to be extremely convenient when working with stack injections.

As the dimensions of the Prep SFC Basic (including the integrated computer and 10” touchscreen) amount to only 53 x 55 x 80 cm (W x D x H), this system requires minimum space in the laboratory.

The Prep SFC basic system includes:
• high pressure pump for CO2
• high pressure pump for organic modifiers
• back-pressure regulator
• syringe pump for sample injection
• UV detector
• integrated computer with 10‘‘ touch-screen
• 4 USB connectors (2 of them located at the front panel), Ethernet and HDMI-connector
• Prep SFC control software

The Prep SFC basic system is completely controlled by the Prep SFC control software, offering simple intuitive service due to a structured menu system. All of the settings required for separations are available on 5 screens. The software contains functions like stack injection with automatic suggestion for stack time, and allows optimization of the fractionating parameters still in the course of the run.

Optional elements for the Prep SFC basic system:
• Column selection valve for switching between 2 columns
• Solvent selection valve for the modifier pump, max. 4 solvents
• Additional 3 gas liquid separators for collecting up to 8 fractions

Prep SFC 100

Prep_SFC_100_gro__1This compact bench-top unit that measures 70cm x 60cm x 88 cm (W x D x H) is designed for specifically for preparative separations using the technology of Super-Critical Fluid Chromotography (SFC). The compact nature of the system has been designed to save value lab space and allows for easy access to components for maintenance/ servicing. Although a small scale system, it includes integrated, user friendly software with a 10 inch touch screen that means a separate computer and monitor are not required. This combined with the usual advantages of SFC technology such as fast separations, reduced consumption of organic solvents, lower costs, improved environmental compatibility and increased safety, makes this the ideal small lab machine for preparative separations.

The Prep SFC 100 is small in size but can cope with a variety of sample volumes – The fractionation module of the Prep SFC 100 system includes a selector valve and a gas/ liquid separator. It is designed for 8 sample bottles with a volume of 1 litre each but has the benefit of flexible outlets that allows for larger sample bottles up to several litres in volume to also be used.

The Prep SFC 100 system includes:

• high pressure pump for CO2,
• high pressure pump for modifiers,
• back pressure regulator,
• syringe pump for sample injection,
• UV / VIS detector,
• fractionation module,
• an integrated computer with a 10″ touch-screen,
• Prep SFC 100 control software.


Prep SFC 100 with MS

Prep SFC 100 with MSThe Prep SFC 100 with MS system is as per the Prep SFC 100 but has the optional extra of combining it with Advion’s expression CMS. All the modules needed to connect the expression CMS to the Prep SFC 100 system are included in this option and hey can be installed together in a standard laboratory fume hood.

The expression CMS is a very compact mass spectrometer featuring the latest single quadrupole technology. This combined systems allows users to perform mass-directed, mass-confirmed and UV-controlled fractionation. The exact molecular weights of the separated substances are quickly and reliably measured, and even UV-inactive targets can be fractionated.

The ion source consists of an ESI option and an APCI option, which can both produce anions or cations as required. The acquisition rate is 5,000 m/z units sec-1 and the resolution is 0.5 – 0.7 m/z units (FWHM) at 1,000 m/z units sec-1 throughout the acquisition range.

The expression CMS mass spectrometer is operated and the data obtained are displayed using the Prep SFC 100 system software. The expression CMS software allows users to perform a wide range of assessments.


Prep SFC 360

Prep SFC 360 Main 1The Prep SFC 360 system has been designed for flow rates of up to 360 ml of super-critical fluid per minute or, depending on the modifier portion, even up to 600 ml/min is possible (in the case of a modifier portion of 40%). Like the Prep SFC 100, the 360 system uses the Prep SFC control software, so that information required, such as separation parameters, system setup and fractionating conditions, can be selected via touch screen with ease.

The Prep SFC 360 system can easily be integrated within a walk-in laboratory hood as it measures only 150cm x 68cm x 178 cm (W x D x H). Additionally, below the unit, there is space for several large fraction vessels or a safety cabinet for solvents.

A CO2 pump, as well as a modifier pump are provided, each of them equipped with a 360 ml pump head and approved for a pressure of 360 bar. Up to three different organic modifiers can be mixed and used for separations. Beside the column mounting, the injection valve and the UV flow cell are also integrated within the column oven, which is heatable up to 50 °C. Separation columns with inner diameters between 25 and 50 mm and a length of up to 800 mm are admissible.

When working in ‘Single Mode’, up to 8 fractions can be collected. Whilst when in ‘Tandem Mode’, 4 fractions are available (CO2 flow > 180 ml/ min). The fraction volume in the Prep SFC 360 system is not limited.

The Prep SFC 360 system includes:

• a high pressure pump for CO2
• a high pressure pump for organic modifiers
• a gradient module for the mixing of modifiers
• a heatable column oven
• a back pressure regulator
• a syringe pump for sample injection
• a UV detector
• 8 gas-liquid-separators for fractions
• a powerful cooling module
• an integrated computer with 15‘‘ touch-screen
• the Prep SFC 360 control software

An additional benefit of the system is the flexibility in it’s functionality for preparative SFC separations such as, stack injection and different modes for collection of fractions. Before starting a new batch, parameters can be tested and optimized by means of a particular ‘Manual Screen’. For this a powerful computer with a 15” TFT touch screenis integrated within the unit; meaning that further space for supplementary electronics is not required. If required, a separate monitor can be connected via HDMI, three USB sockets and a network connection.

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