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Parallel SFC/ HPLC


Sepmatix 8x Screening SFC


sepmatix_sfc_bild_a_gross - Main 1By combining Sepiatec’s proven parallel HPLC technology with the advantages of SFC, the Sepmatix 8x Screening SFC system is the first of its kind with eight separating columns working in parallel, at high operating speed and as yet, with unmatched performance. An example being that, within just a few minutes, enantiomers can be separated on eight different chiral columns at the same time. The automatic variation of the eluents now makes it possible to determine the optimal chiral separation in a far shorter time than has ever been achieved previously.

The system has been designed with integrated Screening Wizard Software that clearly displays the separations achieved in up to 80 chromatograms at the same time making the best peak resolution immediately identifiable. This results in considerably reducing the amount of time the user needs for the selection process. The overview display is ideal for presentations.

For the Sepmatix 8x SFC system, only one CO2 pump and one modifier pump are needed. Using Sepiatec’s patented Flow Control the flow is divided into eight channels and regulated by electronically controlled valves.

A back pressure regulator, an autosampler, an eight channel diode array detector and a column oven for heating and cooling purposes are part of the standard equipment.

With minor modifications the Sepmatix 8x SFC system is also suited to chromatography using organic solvents.


Sepmatix8x Screening HPLC


The Sepmatix 8x Screening HPLC system works with eight channels in parallel whilst using only one external HPLC pump. The flow is separated by the Sepaitec patented Sepmatix Flow Control into eight channels, and the flow in each channel is precisely measured and regulated throughout the entire run. Together with an autosampler and an 8x parallel working detector, the result is a compact HPLC system that enhances the throughput of R&D labs without the need to spend time adapting methods to the new system or to purchase any new HPLC columns. The required space for the Sepmatix system is only 55cm x 55cm x 90cm (W x D X H). Users can continue to use all the methods and separation material that they wereusing with their conventional HPLC systems.

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The system consists of three modules:

  • 8x Flow Control low viscosity version with flow rates of between 0.25 to 1.25 ml/min;
  • Autosampler with syringe pump which injects samples from standard microtiter plates or deep-well microtiter plates onto eight columns (also suitable for vial racks)
  • 8x Diode Array Detector with eight analytical flow cells applicable for the spectral range of 200 to 600 nanometres.

The Sepmatix 8x Flow Control is available as an analytical version (with flow rates from 0.25 to 1.5 m / min per channel), a semiprep version (1.5 to 6.0 ml / min per channel) and a prep version (6.0 to 20 ml / min per channel).


Screen Wizard Software

The Screening Wizard Software developed by Sepiatec offers many different options and parameters, such as selectivity, capacity, resolution and data overview for the analysis of chromatograms. The software can display up to 80 chromatograms at once together with the associated columns and method terms. This function provides the users with an excellent overview so that they can quickly make a decision as to which columns and run conditions are showing the best results.

On request, a Sepmatix software module is available that can automatically identify the best separations, and which can relay the applications and columns to an automated preparative system.


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To find out more, or discuss your requirements,

please contact Ian Bailey on or +44 (0)1962 841092



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