Biopharma is pleased to exclusively supply innovative separations equipment for analytical, preparative & semi-prep chromatography from Sepiatec GmbH throughout the UK, Ireland & France.

Sepiatec GmbH has a global reputation as a first class separation solutions provider with great expertise in the field of Preparative SFC and HPLC, with over 20 years’ experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, natural products, food and chemical sectors.

The no compromise systems form Sepiatec simplify and speed-up the preparative SFC process. Sepiatec systems cover the full range of separation needs with system capability in the mg to gram range.

To support your separation programme the Sepmatix SFC/HPLC method screening system offers parallel injections on to 8 columns, this dramatically speeds method development program. This increases of throughput is combined with supporting software to display 80 traces, thus enabling you to rapidly identify the optimal separation for each compound.

The quality and practicality of these systems is reflected in the extensive use by industry leading pharmaceutical, research institutions and contract separation companies.

Preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

Chiral Separations

Chiral compounds, being an important sector of the pharmaceutical industry, are closely scrutinised due to the different biological responses of the two enantiomeric forms. In the quest for pure optically active drugs, successful chiral separation is key. Due to its speed and ease of compound recovery, Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) has become the technique of choice. The extensive use in the Pharmaceutical sector has led to an ever-expanding adoption of the technique in the Food, Fragrances and CDC sectors.

Achiral Separations

The great advances in speed, reduced volumes of waste and costs in chiral separations has led to SFC being considered a major tool in the separation of Achiral compounds. The lack of buffers, allowing for fast solvent removal from preparative fractions, only further speeds the separation and recovery of your products.


Preparative SFC Systems

Due to Sepiatec being dedicated to preparative separations, a NO compromise design approach can be taken in the design each of component.

This approach provides the most compact SFC preparative chromatography solution available on the market. Combined with dedicated preparative software that is easy to learn and operate, makes a Sepiatec system the perfect partner.

Prep SFC 50

Compact design for those with limited space

Large column oven for up to 6 columns

15.6″ touch screen

All modules accessible from front

Comes with the latest Prep SFC control software including improved surface design, real-time editing and mass-spec control

Max flow rate : 50 ml/min (at 100% CO2 & 40% modifier)

Prep SFC 250

Suitable for 30mm ID columns without restriction

Large column oven for up to 6 columns

15.6″ touch screen

All modules accessible from front

Comes with the latest Prep SFC control software including improved surface design, real-time editing and mass-spec control

Max flow rate : 250 ml/min (at 100% CO2 & 40% modifier)

Prep SFC 660

3 Pumps with 150ml, 250ml & 400ml pump heads

Excellent flow accuracy across range

15.6″ touch screen

Comes with the latest Prep SFC control software including improved surface design, real-time editing and mass-spec control

Max flow rate : 660 ml/min (at 100% CO2 & 40% modifier)


Latest addition to Preparative SFC Systems

Sepiatec‘s new Prep SFC M5-50 & M5-250 systems are preparative systems for separating chiral and achiral samples using supercritical fluid chromatography.

The Prep SFC M5 systems consist of the main module and the collector module. Both modules form a functional unit that can be configured in a variety of ways with different equipment. Standard equipment in the main module is a UV detector for measuring in the range of 190 – 500 nm. Other detectors, such as a DAD or an ELSD, can also be connected.

The system has an integrated system controller and a 15.6” TFT touch screen is used to input all data for sample separations. With no additional computer needed, this reduces the space required for the system to a width of just 92 cm. It is also versatile as it can be fitted with a carousel fraction collector which can accommodate collection vessels with volumes ranging from 10 to 500 ml. Alternatively, an XY-fraction collector for vials with volumes of 10 or 60 ml is available. A total of up to 195 fractions can be collected.

Prep SFC M5-50

Autosampler, carousel fraction collection

15.6″ touch screen

Total flow rate: 50ml/min

1 analytical or semi-preparative column

Comes with the latest Prep SFC control software including improved surface design, real-time editing and mass-spec control

Prep SFC M5-250

As above but with 150ml pump heads

1 semi-preparative or preparative column

Total flow rate : 250ml/min

Parallel HPLC/ SFC- Multi Column Method Screening Systems

Sepiatec offer a Rapid solution to Method Development for SFC and HPLC separations.

By combining Sepiatec’s proven parallel HPLC technology with the advantages of SFC, the Sepmatix 8x Screening SFC system is the first of its kind with eight separating columns working in parallel, at high operating speed and as yet, with unmatched performance. Within just a few minutes, enantiomers can be separated on eight different chiral columns at the same time. The automatic control of the eluents now makes it possible to determine the optimal chiral separation in a far shorter time than has ever been achieved previously.

Sepmatix SFC cropped

For the Sepmatix 8x SFC system, only one CO2 pump and one modifier pump are needed. Using Sepiatec’s patented Flow Control the flow is divided into eight channels and regulated by electronically controlled valves.

A CO2 pump, modifier pump, autosampler, back pressure regulator, eight channel diode array detector and a column oven are included in the standard equipment.

SepmatixHPLC cropped

The Sepmatix 8x HPLC operates in a similar manner to screen HPLC columns to obtain the optimal separation for each mixture. Rapid Screening Method Development

The Sepmatix 8x HPLC has also been used successfully to commercially purify oligo nucleotides and peptides. The system dramatically reduces bench space requirements and reduces operator input; it also requires only one HPLC pump.

Column Screening Wizard

The Sepmatix screening systems are pre-loaded with the dedicated CCS Screening Wizard. The software clearly displays one screen with up to 80 chromatograms making the best separation immediately identifiable.

This results in considerably reducing the amount of time in selection the best separation. The resulting multi and overview displays are ideal for presentation to co-workers or external partners.

Sepbox Compound Isolation Systems

Automated purification of compounds from natural sources

Products from natural sources remain an inestimable pool of novel compounds for R & D. Even today, with advances, compound isolation via fractionation still presents an elaborate process that is not time or cost effective; it creates a bottleneck. This is where the SepBox 2D product range comes to your aid due to its speed and accuracy that cannot be replicated by conventional chromatography methods. The SepBox 2D product range provides an automated solution where 20 to 30 % of the collected fractions are over 90% pure (by ELSD).


Sepbox 2D – 250

Sepbox 2D – 2000

Sepiatec Compound Isolation Systems meet this industry wide need with an automation and reproducible separation system, with results achievable within 24 hours to 7 days as opposed to the industry standard that can take from a fortnight to several months. The Sepbox D- 250 and 2000 are suitable for compounds which are medium to completely polar in nature.

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The Sepiatec range is complemented by the range of Genevac Centrifugal Evaporators.

GeneVac: Automated Fraction Recovery

The Rocket Synergy and the Prep SFC 100 (250) complement each other and provide a complete separation and evaporation process. Fractions can be collected directly into Rocket flasks or SampleGenie 4 to deal with the rapid evaporation of larger volumes up to 450mls per fraction and by using SampleGenie 4, you can dry directly into a vial of your choice. This means no manual transfer of sample, and so no sample losses from sample injection through to a dried sample collected in a final vial of your choice.

Consequently, achieving a high-throughput processes and removing downstream bottlenecks.

Rocket Evaporator