Introducing the Next Generation HT Series 3i


Genevac has just introduced the next generation Series 3i HT evaporator range which is not only at the forefront of solvent evaporation technology, but also incorprates an ergonomic design, patented temperature control, built-in bumping prevention as well as the latest in touchcreen technology and new high performance vacuum pump enabling process optimisation & efficiency.

The upgraded touchscreen controls enhance the review of the whole evaporation process and pre-set ‘Press & Go’ operation options for the most popular solvent removal protocols which is ideal for busy and occasional users alike. Simplified manual and automatic programming means even the most complex multi-stage evaporation methods can be set-up and run quickly and easily.

Exclusively available from Biopharma in the UK & Ireland, Genevac’s high performance centrifugal solvent evaporator systems are designed for use in chemistry, biology and analytical science applications and are in use in laboratories worldwide.

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Why Genevac Products?

Genevac endeavours to provide the highest quality products, service and support. This is achieved through a unique range of innovative, high performance products and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Genevac’s continuous programme of collaborative research has led to the development of many unique features which are designed to ensure optimum evaporation conditions and sample integrity.

HCl resistance

Genevac evaporators are robust systems designed to be resistant to the most common solvents and acids used within the chemistry laboratory, including TFA, DCM (methylene chloride), and DMSO.

Sample Protection

SampleGuard and SampleShield temperature control are found on HT High Throughput systems and EZ-2 personal evaporator series. These technologies monitor and control the maximum temperature of the samples to protect them from any possibility of overheating when evaporation is complete. The unique Dri-Pure system prevents solvent bumping and therefore loss of product.

High Speed Evaporation

CoolHeat technology dries samples rapidly while the high speed vapour pumping mechanism maintains low sample temperatures during evaporation.

The revolutionary SpeedTrap cold trap provides high performance solvent trapping having a high power compressor running at -50°C and is incredibly simple to use.

Patented Rocket Technology, used in the Rocket series evaporators, enables very fast evaporation with the highest levels of safety for both user and sample.


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