The culmination of Genevac R&D with user collaboration is the revolutionary evaporation technology, incorporated in the Rocket™ High Speed Evaporators.

Rocket EvaporatorRocket technology enables the rapid evaporation of larger volumes of solvent in parallel and without supervision.  The system controls the whole process, temperature, duration, prevention of bumping and foaming, and stopping the method at the correct point, be that concentrated or fully dry.

There are two systems available:

Rocket Synergy is designed to dry or concentrate six flasks in parallel, each containing up to 450ml of solvent. Alternatively, up to 18 ASE vials can be used. If you are running 3 or more rotary evaporators at the same time, then the Rocket Synergy is for you.

  • Concentrate to a defined volume
  • Custom methods
  • Very high speed
  • Unattended parallel operation
  • Concentrate directly into your vial with SampleGenie

Rocket Synergy 4D is for drying single large volumes of solvent, from a few litres up to approximately 100 litres.  The system can also be used for a single batch of up to 5 litres. Rocket Synergy 4D provides fast, safe evaporation for solvents with a boiling point of up to 165°C (DMF) and can easily dry aqueous samples.

  • Automatic evaporation of volumes up to 100 litres
  • Eliminates bumping or foaming
  • Easy vessel manipulation with no glassware to  handle
  • Safe, easy product recovery and system cleaning

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