Genevac RangeGenevac’s high performance solvent evaporation systems were originally designed for use in pharmaceutical research and have cut their teeth working with some very aggressive solvents, such as TFA, DMSO and HCl.  These parallel evaporation systems find application in many laboratories today, from DNA analysis and natural products extraction, to forensics and geochemistry.

Our centrifugal evaporator product range starts with the third generation EZ-2 Series of personal centrifugal evaporators. Designed specifically for solvent removal in life science research, be that concentration of samples or complete drying – now with fully optimisable methods and nitric acid resistance.

Also included in this range are the HT Series II Systems, and the HT-24 Workstation for production environments.

The miVac sample concentrator range is designed for Molecular Biology, providing very high performance coupled with ease of use and occupying the minimum of laboratory space.

As part of our continuous programme of collaborative research and development, we introduced the Rocket High Speed Evaporator to our range. Rocket is for fast, safe, automatic evaporation of large volumes of solvent ranging from a few litres to many tens of litres, freeing the user to do other things.

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