The sterile injectables market is a very demanding. The equipment developed by SP i-Dositecno for this market offers a high quality solution with processing speed capabilities of up to 9,000 u/h (units per hour). In this product range we can offer maximum benefits including isolators for high containment requirements, oRAB’s and cRAB’s, IPC control with check weighing, CFR 21 part 11 compliance and smooth, accurate production.

The SY Series, MI-I Series and BI-I Series systems are able to work with dehydrogenating tunnels or pre-sterilized vials, and are suitable to be sterilised inline (with CIP/SIP equipment and H2O2) or by means of autoclave. Included is a package of Pharmaceutical cGMP and FDA compliant documentation.


Filling machine for syringes, vials and cartridges up to 6,000 u/h (units per hour). Filling dose simplex 0.1 ml – 20 ml.


The MI-I Series is designed specifically for sterile pharma filling, able to fill liquid and pharma powder with an output up to 6,000 b/h (bottles per hour)


The BI-I Series is a table top machine designed for sterile filling, including sterile liquid and powders, that has an output of up to 2,000 b/h (bottles per hour).