The ophthalmic market is a very demanding, with high regulatory standards. SP i-Dositecno systems from Biopharma Group, offer filling systems for medium and low-speed processing, that can adhere and comply to these requirements. This enables an a complete sterile solution that can handle the special materials used within this market.

SP i-Dositecno sterile filler equipment can work with plastic bottles (pre-sterilized) including eye droppers and screw caps, with full servo solutions suitable to be sterilized inline (with CIP/SIP equipment and H2O2) or by means of autoclave. Included is documentation as required by pharmaceutical cGMP and FDA regulatory bodies.

MI-O Series

Machine specially designed for laboratory use, able to fill liquids (OPHTHALMICS) with an output up to 6.000 b/h.

o series


  • Filling and capping machine for eye-drop bottles.
  • Intermittent rotary filler for doses from 1ml to 500ml.
  • For formats up to 80 mm ø in simple configuration. Maximum output 3.000/ hour.
  • For formats up to 26 mm ø in double configuration. Maximum output  6.000/ hour.
  • Totally built in stainless steel Aisi 304.
  • Built as per cGMP, FDA standards.
  • Machine can be sterilised by H2O2 and without corners.
  • Machine can hold up to 4 heads.
  • Elements in contact with product Aisi 316L.
  • Compact machine including eye-drop introduction by means of a servo pick and place, cap introduction by means of a servo pick and place and screwing by pneumatics.
  • Star wheel, controlled by servomotor.
  • Controlled through axes controlling system.
  • Nozzles ra<0.5 with special rugosity for sterile products.
  • No bottle, no fill.
  • DQ documentation.
  • Bottles feed by means of turntable, or unscrambler.
  • Vial Filling by means of: peristaltic pump, stainless steel rotary pump, ceramic rotary pump, CIP/SIP rotary pump.