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“The HT12 is a lovely instrument and is used every day. The methods [it utilises] are perfect for our needs”

R. Ellis – Laboratory Manager – Syngenta

Machine: Genevac HT12 

“Great bit of kit [Genevac Rocket] that [we] have been using daily for past 12 months in a preparative chromatography lab.”

M. Sanders – Senior Research Scientist – AstraZeneca

Machine: Genevac Rocket Evaporator

“The Rocket is one of the best investments we’ve made and it’s paid for itself many times over. It’s been so popular that other labs have purchased time on it and have been blown away by it’s efficiency […] we received commercial work from Welsh Water where we had to evaporate large numbers of methanol, acetonitrile and ethyl acetate extracts (typically 50ml) to dryness / near dryness and of course this was painfully slow on the Turbovaps and RSD’s were erratic. I convinced one of the scientists […] to try the Rocket and she was instantly converted. Evaporation rates were fast and RSD’s were much improved.”

A. Gravell – Technical Specialist – Natural Resouces Wales

Machine: Genevac Rocket Evaporator

“We have been using an [Avestin] Emulsiflex C5 homogeniser here … since 2002 and the newer C3 since 2009. Our institute now has two of each model and they have been used extensively as the method of choice for large-scale protein production for x-ray crystallographic and NMR analysis of protein structure. The machines have consistently high performance and are extremely reliable. They are marvellous pieces of kit and I would recommend them to anyone wishing to purify large quantities of active proteins.”

Senior Researcher, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Machine: Avestin Emulsiflex Homogeniser

“We have been dealing with Biopharma for several years and have purchased two freeze driers from them. We require the use of freeze driers in the process of our materials and not merely just for the removal of solvents and we have been very satisfied with the quality of the freeze dryers that we have bought. Additionally, the help and support we have received has been outstanding, not only when we have asked for help but also while sales personnel has been on site; i.e. when in another department they have contacted us and have come to speak with us as a matter of favour. As such we have been very impressed by their service”

Research Associate, University of Liverpool

Machine: Benchtop Freeze Dryer

“Our experience of Biopharma is an excellent one. It was our first freeze dryer and we had little experience of the freeze-drying process. We were trained and given constant advice and support to start and carry on with our manufacturing. As a result, we have been able to manufacture a large range of products. There is also an excellent human side to Biopharma, as they have looked after us very closely until we are able to fully run the system.”

Managing Director, Leading Diagnostics Manufacturer.

Machine: Genesis Freeze Dryer

“Our experience of BioPharma has been a very positive one. BioPharma provided a high level of support and understanding in BioReliance’s service requirements and worked in collaboration with BioReliance personnel to configure a custom built machine to fit the needs of our business. Our team were trained and fully supported in the installation of the freeze drier by BioPharma personnel who have provided a first class service which met our needs to a very tight timeframe.”

Laboratory Director Process Operations, BioReliance

Machine: Genesis Freeze Dryer

“I have been impressed with Biopharma from the very beginning. New to freeze-drying, I was talked through not only all the options available but also the best options to suit my purpose and, importantly, my budget, without the compromise of quality and suitability. I was taken by the expertise within the company. “A visit to come and see my product and advise me of further improvements was not only welcome but vital to get my product in the best condition for my customers. It’s one thing buying an item but another to know that there is expert help whenever I need it. “Biopharma have been my angels on the end of the telephone. I truly feel I did the best thing purchasing from Biopharma and wouldn’t go anywhere else for future freeze-drying needs.”

Director, DooTech Ltd

Machine: Benchtop Freeze Dryer

“This equipment has improved our sample throughput greatly by efficiently removing solvent following sample extraction. Temperature is carefully controlled and the run parameters are easily adjusted to cope with different solvents. “The interface and menu options are extremely straightforward to use and the rotors are a simple drop fit. Rotors can be ordered to suit a wide range of sample containers ensuring the best possible throughput of samples.”

Cambridge Theranostics

Machine: miVac Centrifugal Concentrator