ULTRA-with-stainless-panels-300x300Highly flexible and with multiple configurations, the Ultra is similar to the Genesis but with expanded capacity to enable those involved in small-scale production or scale-up research to process larger batches.

Control options are available to provide cGMP and 21CFR11-compliant data monitoring, security restriction and automation applications, and stainless-steel cleanroom flanging and water cooling can be specified to allow Ultra to be used in controlled environments. The chamber can be isolated so that pressure rise tests can be carried out to give an indication of the end of primary or secondary drying.

Additional vacuum gauges and product probes can be specified to provide in-depth process documentation for research or regulatory requirements.

With shelf area up to 2.13m2 shelf area and condenser capacity up to 50litres, Ultra is often used for scale-up work and production. The extensive range of options includes:

  • Stoppering
  • Cleanroom configuration
  • Isolation valve
  • Water cooling
  • Sample thief
  • Installation and operator training
  • IQ and OQ options
  • Control system options for 21CFR11 and cGMP compliance
  • PC software for data storage and handling

Ultra is commonly used by pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostics companies.