Technical Service & Maintenance

All our freeze dryers are fully supported with a range of technical services from our service department. We maintain close links with our suppliers and with an installed base of over 400 freeze dryers of all sizes and configurations, you can rest assured of our experience. Alternatively, if you have your own service engineers, we are able to train them in the care and maintenance of your equipment. We have invested in a range of high quality calibration equipment and can bring to the site all instruments necessary to complete a full calibration of all instruments to UKAS standards.


We aim to support your system long after installation and regular scheduled maintenance is the best way to ensure the equipment continues to function as standard. Depending on the system and requirements, this can include replacement of consumables such as gaskets, refrigerant charging, instrument calibration, leak testing, shelf and sterilisation mapping, and vacuum oil change.

We currently support a range of freeze dryer systems throughout the UK, Ireland and France from small laboratory systems to large integrated production systems. In addition, we are also have highly training engineers for Avestin high pressure homogenisers, and our own lyo analytical instruments (Lyostat, Lyotherm & MicroPress) in the UK and Ireland and fully training service technicians in France for Genevac centrifugal evaporation systems.

Installation & Training:

Installation and operator training is available on all of our systems and is provided as standard on most. This includes operation and programming of control systems and PC software where applicable, and instruction on basic care and maintenance.

We also provide training courses in freeze drying technology

Qualification & Validation:

Qualification and validation packages are increasingly common even for smaller systems and we are able to provide an experienced service either to our own standard or to customer requirements. Qualification packages can be tailored to include elements such as supervised Factory Acceptance Tests and Site Acceptance Tests and protocols can be provided or written to specification. We are also able to advise and assist with the preparation of User Requirement Specifications (URS).


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