More companies are looking at supplying the market as it steadily increases. In 2014, the US natural dog food market grew 7.2% to US$4.3 billion and the natural cat food market grew 8.8% to US$700 million, according to GfK data. The growth is of some pet food companies is still happening with a 40% increase year on year for the last few years.

In the United Kingdom he dry dog food market was worth £576 million in 2018. Dog food had the highest sales volume worth approximately £1.4 billion, followed by cat food at £1.1 billion.

Freeze dried pet food is really the only way to maintain the nutrition, taste and smell of products when removing the moisture. If you combine raw ingredients (meat and vegetables) with supplements, cooking or baking could diminish the goodness in the foods.

The Benefits of Freeze Drying Pet Food:

Keeping pet food raw, Raw!

In the current market, the capacity to keep raw meat or fish raw, is imperative:

  • Freeze dried raw pet food is biologically the same as raw pet food.
  • This is a growing consumer request in the marketplace.
  • So, your pet will be eating their food in the way as nature intended.
  • Freeze drying enables for dehydration to occur, without significant denaturing of proteins.
  • Largely due to the low temperatures and gentle conditions, involved.
  • No need for messy defrosting process, and little or no waste with freeze dried product.

Cuddon Freeze Dryers: Support & Benefits

These freeze dryers are ideal for production scale pet food processing, coming fully operational as a package including:

  • All control, refrigeration, heating and vacuum systems – This is not always the case with competitor brands
  • Manufactured by Cuddon since 1963 – Giving demonstrable & proven reliability and distributed in the UK & Europe by Biopharma Group
  • UK & Irish technical service support & maintenance available exclusively from fully trained Biopharma Group service engineers

Cuddon Freeze Dryers: Models & Specifications

Freeze Dryer Models:

Please note that all kg described, below, represent the total ice condensing capacity of the equipment within 24 hours

  • FD80 –80kg / shelf area: 9m2
  • FD300 –300kg / shelf area: 29m2
  • FD600 –600kg / shelf area: 58m2
  • FD1000 –1,000kg / shelf area: 92m2
  • FD1,500 –1,500kg / shelf area: 137m2

All systems are capable of:

  • Freezing product in-situof the machine
  • A wide range of accurate shelf control -40’C to +70’C
  • Stringent vacuum control during the drying steps

Whatever scale your process works to, through the Cuddon brand, we can offer a solution, contact us to discuss your requirements or request a quote today!