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Andrew Cowen - Chairman



Andrew Cowen

Group Chairman

Science team

Dr Kevin Ward – Director of R&D

Kevin joined Biopharma in March 2000. A graduate in Applied Chemistry, Kevin received his Ph.D. for investigations into the freeze-drying of pharmaceutical formulations and drug/vaccine delivery systems. Prior to joining the team, Kevin worked at Pfizer Central Research and as a Research Fellow in vaccine development at Aston University. Kevin lectures on freeze drying extensively, as part of our freeze drying training courses and as a regular on the conference circuit, as well as havings been an industrial supervisor to two PhD students.


David Banks – R&D and Laboratory Manager

David rejoined Biopharma in 2013 as Senior Scientist having worked as a co-ordinator in the National Health Service and gaining experience working in a variety of analytical laboratories; David was promoted to R&D and Laboratory Manager in January 2016. David worked for Biopharma for four years, having studied for a BSc in Neuroscience at the University of Manchester during when he built up significant experience in the freeze-drying industry, providing analytical research, consultancy and cycle development for customers worldwide.


Dr Edmond Ekenlebie – Principal Scientist

Edmond joined Biopharma in 2014 after a PhD from Aston University in Birmingham, UK. His PhD focused on the optimisation of the bulk freeze drying process and the implications of powder rheology using methods including the novel use of Micro X-ray tomography. He also holds an MSc in Pharmaceutical Science with Management Studies (Distinction) from Kingston University in London. He is extremely passionate about freeze drying and maintains an interest in intellectual property across the freeze drying patent landscape.

Magdalena Galka

Magdalena Galka – Senior Scientist

Bio available soon


Dr Pranav Bhujbal – Senior Scientist

Pranav joined Biopharma in August 2018 as Senior Scientist. He worked as a formulation development scientist for LMML (UK) which involved dosage form development, technology transfer and scale-up activities. In 2016, he received his PhD in Liposomal Drug Delivery from Aston University. During his PhD, he implemented the QbD approach to develop photosensitive liposomes using Freeze-Drying and several analytical techniques. Over the years, he has acquired in-depth experience in cell culture assays, pre-formulation studies, quality-by-design concept and risk management. He also holds an MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences with Distinction from the University of Greenwich.


Dr Andrew Bright – Senior Scientist

Andrew joined BTL in January 2018 as Senior Scientist after receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Bradford. There, he was investigating freeze dried vaccine formulations with the thesis title “Mechanistic Insights into the Stabilisation of Biopharmaceutical Using Glycine Derivatives” and also holds a MChem in Chemistry with Pharmaceutical and Forensic Science. Andrew previously worked for 2 years as a Senior Scientist at Pfizer within liquid formulations specialising in freeze dried formulation design, process development, and scale up.


Chelsea Gemmell – Research Scientist & Quality Co-Ordinator

Chelsea joined Biopharma in November 2016, having worked in a Russell Group University as a Laboratory Technician for Life Sciences. Previously she worked in an environmental chemistry laboratory, after graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Zoology at Reading University. Chelsea is responsible for the day-to-day laboratory housekeeping duties, the calibration/validation of our laboratory equipment, customer analysis, data interpretation and writing customer reports.

Diana Salgado - LC 1019

Dr. Diana Salgado – Research Scientist

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Sarannya Chandran - LC 1019

Sarannya Chandran – Research Assistant

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Commercial & Sales Team


Dr. Roberto Castangia – Group Sales Director

Roberto joined Biopharma in April 2016 as Global Sales Manager with a focus on the Consultancy and Analytical Instruments divisions having previously worked at Shimadzu Corporation as Global Sales Manager in the analytical instrument division, providing worldwide support in R&D, Business Development and Marketing.

He graduated in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology in Italy investigating novel approaches in the synthesis of natural molecules with biological activity, then worked extensively in drug formulation and delivery in both CNRS (France) and Max Planck Institute (Germany) designing new drug carriers. These studies were followed by his PhD in Chemical Biology at The University Manchester and a post-doc at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology (MIB). The main focus of this research involved biocatalysis and the use of green chemistry for drug discovery and drug delivery.

Wayne Poulter

Wayne Poulter – Global Sales Manager

Science is passion and Wayne is passionate about biotechnology.

Wayne’s BSc is in genetics and microbiology from Queen Mary University, London. He has built on this with significant commercial experience, working extensively within the EMEA regions and globally. He has built scientific markets and brought new technologies into a plethora of disciplines: cell culture, proteomics, PCR, sequencing, stem cell therapy, bioproduction, scale up, oncology, HIV & diabetes research – to name but a few. But beware … if you ask him, he might tell you all about it! 🙂


Sally Potentier – Business Development & Courses Executive

Sally has extensive Sales and Business Development experience in North America and Europe spanning a period of 20 years. The majority of this time has been spent working within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

In addition to her Sales and Business Development roles, Sally’s background includes a vast experience in meeting and event organisation within the pharma/ medical community. Biopharma are pleased to be able to place our training courses and business growth in such capable hands.


Dr Mattia Cassanelli – International Technical Sales Executive

Mattia joined Biopharma in February 2018 as International Technical Sales Executive working in the Consultancy division, providing support from the characterisation of the material pre- and post- process, to the cycle optimisation and scale-up, production, instrumentation assistance and training courses.

Mattia’s background includes a PhD focussed on drying mechanisms of gels in the food industry from a microstructural point of view at the University of Birmingham. He also gained a Master’s Degree in material engineering, and a Bachelor’s Degree in industrial engineering completed at the University of Trento, Italy.


Charles ‘Chuck’ Hauswald – US Sales Manager

Chuck joined Biopharma in June 2016 as the US Sales Manager. A graduate in Biochemistry, Chuck received his M.S for investigations into the stabilization of enzymes and proteins isolated from bacterium.

Chuck is a member of American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX), American Chemical Society (ACS) and International Society of Lyophilization-Freeze Drying (ISL-FD).

Joshua Robinson – Instrument Sales & Development Executive

Joshua joined Biopharma in January 2018 as Instrument R&D Engineering Assistant, which comprised a balance of customer instrument builds/ validations/ installations and New Product Development (NPD). Joshua completed his degree in Chemistry at the University of Plymouth, where his final year project was in synthetic organic chemistry.  Having spent some of his childhood in South Africa and China, he has always been very keen to travel and experience new cultures and places, which stands him in good stead for some of the customer site visits in far-flung places.

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Clara Ip – International Sales Executive

Clara joined Biopharma Group in May 2019 as International Sales Executive. She recently worked as European Business Development Manager for a start-up company specialising in pharmaceutical ingredients and was responsible for business analysis, operations, sales, marketing and customer relationships.

Prior to these two appointments, Clara worked as a forensic scientist and acquired profound knowledge in chemistry having worked at a leading scientific company on legal projects with HMRC and the British government. She graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences and received an MSc in Forensic Analysis at Kingston University.

Ian Blackham

Ian Blackham – International Sales Executive

Ian joined the Biopharma in July 2019 due to the expansion of our analytical instruments range and development programme.

Ian’s background is as an Senior Manager coming from scientific/laboratory industry, with a broad range of commercial experience and an in-depth knowledge of healthcare market trends. He successfully expanded businesses within Europe and managed the implementation of sales and distribution centres in UK and US.