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Application note (DSC): Analysis of formulations for freeze drying

by biopharmaszymon in App notes & Scientific posters, BTL News, BTL Right Sidebar Content, Intelligent Freeze Drying

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) is arguably the preferred method of thermal analysis for freeze drying. DSC measures the heat flow in and out of a sample over a temperature range compared against a reference pan which is usually empty. Traditionally heat flow is plotted against time but, in order to make it easier to interpret it is often plotted against temperature (see figures 1-2 below).

DSC provides useful data for storage applications for a variety of materials as well as the limit temperature for use of materials in a range of applications. These data include: melting (Tm, Teu), freezing, crystallisation and thermal transitions such as the glass transition (Tg’). They play a critical part in product development in a variety of industries such as fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

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