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Application note: Lyotherm3 and Lyostat5 – Freeze Drying Fruit Juice for Easy Transport and Long-Term Storage

by biopharmaszymon in App notes & Scientific posters, BTL Right Sidebar Content, Intelligent Freeze Drying

Lyophilisation is a dehydration process which has been used throughout history as a means of preventing deterioration of perishable materials (the Incas stored potatoes at high altitudes where low pressures and temperatures dried them preventing them from spoiling) 1. First mentioned in literature by Altman in 1890, it was developed by d’Arsonval in 1906 and later by Harris and Shackell for Freeze Drying live rabies virus for the first freeze-dried vaccine before being fully developed as a process for long term storage of blood cells towards the end of World War Two.

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