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Application note: MicroPress – How robust are your cakes?

by biopharmaszymon in App notes & Scientific posters, Application and Tech Notes, BPS Right Sidebar Content, Intelligent Freeze Drying

The use of freeze-drying (Lyophilisation) for labile drugs has been a staple in pharmaceutical world for over 40 years. However, this comes with several challenges, one of which is to produce strong and durable FD cakes that can withstand downstream processing after freeze drying and during transport. Qualitative analysis has been used on freeze dried cakes, to identify whether the cake appearance is stable; but this is a subjective test.

The MicroPress is an instrument which can quantitively determine the strength and physical characteristics of freeze-dried cakes in-situ. With set parameters and analysis methods the MicroPress will be able to analyse your freeze-dried cake structure. This allows for fast and effective batch screening to be applied to your products, especially when time and personnel costs are at such a premium; with a standard method the analysis can be completed in less than one minute per freeze dried cake.

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